How hard is it to unlock these items? Mythics


You mean the mythics affix(color pink)?

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every time you put a Myth Stone on an Item, it has a chance to unlock 1 ? for a random Mythic Recipe. the higher the Tier of the Myth Stone, the better chance it has of unlocking one of the ?.

when I was a Noob, one thing I did was put my extra Myth Stones on Items with Sockets just to unlock Mythic Recipes.

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I’ve already unlock mine​:heart::heart:


I still haven’t Crafted Builds using all of the Mythic’s yet. one reason is that some are good for any build, or that they are so useful, and others don’t look useful at all, or other players have used them and said ‘this one sucks!’.

one of my goals is to at least craft builds that use the useless Mythic’s at least once just so I know how it works and just how bad or useless it really is.

but it sure was a happy day when I unlocked my last Mythic Recipe!

The problem is that I am already on the 300th floor and I have barely unlocked a mythical object, I would like to know some way to unlock the rest


will this help?

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