My gold find and luck are both 550% what epiphany item should i focus to get my redstone are 750 only

you get the one that fits best with your farm build. just look at the ones you can get and see which one has the affixes that will go best with the farm build you want.

I say this because everyone makes their farm build a little different from each other, so the choice is up to you.

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Thank you! Btw i spent my redstone to buy arson
And also i ascending from regular to magic rank,(i choose the fortunate perk) just tell me things that idk or tips ,


read through the Codex so that you can have a basic understanding of the game.

are ‘red stone’ the Dust used to buy Legend Items? when using Dust to buy lots of Legend & Eternal Items, make sure you have lots of Gold. when I was a noob, I ran out of Gold converting everything I didn’t need to Dust, but I did have lots of Dust! at the time, I didn’t even know what a Farm Build was.

not too long after Patch 3.0 came out, and after reading a lot of posts on DQ Forums, I started asking questions and Ascending my Wizard for all 6 Perks, then started my first of many Farm Builds, and then I started PVP and Climbing Floors. and I still read DQ Posts… sometimes I look for the older posts to get some ideas even though the game has changed a lot since those old post were written.

for now, experiment with your builds, Search :mag: the forum for help, and ask questions, because there are a lot of tips and knowledge here.