Guys! What does nadroji’s bonus do? Im planning to save my dust on it, any chestplate/helmet suggestion?

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It gives 100% more magic and rare enemies which means more items drop.
This increase will be in addition to the increase shown on maps.

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the Rare & Magic enemies drop a little more and a little better treasure than the Normal monsters. they also give more experience if you are still leveling up or leveling up while getting Perks.

using the Nadroji Bonus also speeds up finishing the higher Tier Kill Monster Feats, of which the Mythic Monster Feat drops an Eternal Item for a Reward, in addition to any other treasure it drops.

@Mr_Scooty did some tests, and it looks like if you use both Nadroji Bonus Items (Chest & Head) Enslavers drop a little more often (if you are looking for more pets, especiall getting Legend Pets more often). I did a comparison and it’s like a 1 to 2 % (maybe) better chance of Enslavers spawning (at least, it looked like there’s a noticeable increase to the number of Enslavers I was encountering).

in the end, one Nadroji Set Bonus Item and one other Nadroji Item is good enough for any Farm Build, and having both Nadroni Set Bonus Items is only if you want to speed up getting Legend Pets. not every one uses the Nadroji Bonus for their Farm Build, so it’s up to you to use it or not.