Hero points

So as a wizard what’s the most preferred use of hero points? I already maxed strength because I prefer to have more hp and armor. I currently have this cool MH called Golex’s Gauntlet it’s different from the other ones that I have cause it’s background color is blue unlike the rest of my legend items which is red. I’m thinking of putting the points to ‘Blast’ so I can have more damage but I’m also thinking of maxing out fortune for luck, gold find and item drops. What do you guys think?

Is this farm build?


Give 20 points to Fortune.
20 points to your favorite skill/s of choice.
20 points to Strength or Int, if you are struggling to survive.

That’s how you can make most use of your character’s hero points.

I’m not sure which to go for actually

is the max heroic level also 99? If so, say I follow your suggestion, what do I do with the rest of 39 points?

Well, you pour them to either your auxiliary skills or pour them to Str/Int for more resilience.

Okay. Thanks for the help bud. Also, is there a dictionary here? I can’t understand some of the terms being used in the forum

Yes, you can actually click on the codex, which is found ingame, if you need acronym, terms, and game guides…

anyone know if hero points work in pvp

heroic points doesnt count at pvp