Hero slot

Please free hero SLOT :smiley:

pretty sure this is up there with the most requested’s… lol

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please :smiley:

I don’t know, if the Dev’s were giving out free hero slots, how would they eat or pay rent? without those, they wouldn’t have the energy or time to do the great job they are doing with Dungeon Quest now. I mean, could you imagine logging into DQ, and seeing it all dusty and buggy? the Dev’s can keep this game dusty and buggy free because when we buy hero slots, they can pay the rent for the 10’x10 box they live in and eat bread and water 2x a day for sustenance. I am glad I was able to help, because I don’t want to see my DQ Dev’s suffering.

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Same here. I was a bit late in paying hirlngs but better late than never. I was so glad I was able to support them for my favourite game by vanities and hero slot.

(and any support we get from DQ1 helps us make our next game as great as possible!) Thanks to EVERYONE who supports and plays DQ…we are very grateful!

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i love how @tdaniel keeps saying “our next game”…

you mean dq2… right… uhhh… RIGHT…?? o.0

i mean, im ok with hello kitty, the shiny box edition… im just not sure the rest of the gang will be. :slight_smile:

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