Heroic leveling fastest way

Please help where map or act to level heroic level faster my wizard and rogue are both level 99 base level while heroic level wizard 77 almost nearly 78 rogue 76 recently 76? Thanks i know now maximum heroic is 99

Get Hunter perk/mythic, keep opening shrines and killing epic monsters is a fast way to earn hero points. Also floor climbing and just playing a lot. Enshrined perk does help if you wanted more shrines also. Then of course a fast farm build (though getting to shrine should be quick mostly because its near spawn. Its also a pretty easy way to get Mythic enemies as higher rarity enemies do give more hero points as well as legends/eternal drops.

This will be worth the effort as hero points used a lot for PvE builds and having full level 99 hero points at your disposal can grant potentially better power/build in general. If PvPing is your only concern, don’t worry as much but do still keep farming (including shrines) as you will level up hero points in genera. Since you do want many characters hero point 99 and maybe build a bit though, it’s worth grinding for. For me it whizzed by.


Acomplished perk, at 90+ is very hard to level up anyway

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Yes that too. Accomplished greatly helps.

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complete FEATS(found on codex) as much as possible

  1. do fast floor runs
  2. add skills to destroy all destructables(boxes/treasures) add+AOE(ruby)
  3. use of hireling so you get 2characters levelup the same time
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my first Perk was Accomplished, just because I figured Hero point are so versatile in any build. you only need 75% to complete the Feats for Hero Points, so you get Feats faster for the Hero points. example: if you need 100 something to get a reward, you only need 75 something for a reward with Accomplished. Epic + monsters give Hero points also, so the Hunter Ring or Hunter Perk summons 1-3 Epic Shrine Guardians (the ring and perk don’t stack) and the Enshrined Perk gives 1 more Shrine for the Shrine Guardians to spawn at.
don’t worry, it took some time, but I got my Hero Points maxed out now, but it sure feels weird not getting any points. :confused: feelings.
also, you multiply the Hero points you get as a reward for completing Feats by your level, so the higher your level, the more Hero points you get. level 99 is the highest you can go.


I find that I level my heroic levels fastest when I have monster boost and do floor 2 enslaver/cartographer runs. You’re completing a few feats really fast when you do these runs as you pick up maps (every 15 or 20 maps is a feat complete), pets (every 3 pets is a feat complete) and you’re breaking a lot of stuff, collecting a lot of crystals, etc.

I always watch a video when its available for a free boost, and if I get the monster boost, I’ll stop whatever I’m doing and run floor 2 for the 5 minutes the boost lasts. If you don’t mind spending a little $$, you can buy the monster boost too.

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the best thing to do is read the Feat requirements and do the ones that are easiest for you to complete the fastest. eventually, you get to the point that you are doing all of them fast all the time and getting Hero points like crazy.

Now my wizard is going to be 79 heroic level shortly from now while my rogue is 77 heroic level recently. Im leveling in act3 floor 195 because of many breakables but the only thing i dont have is any accessions no accession both wizard and rogue is level 99 base level

well, the first step to speeding up Heroic levels is the Accomplished Perk. or just stay at level 99 until you get max Hero Points, that way you don’t get slowed down by going back to level 1 again and again. the other benefit from going for the Perks, is that even though it slows you down getting Hero points a little, you end up speeding up with the benefits from the Perks, and also get a lot of Farming bonus’s.


Accomplished is probably the best perk going

Hi ! Newbie here , so confused about the PERKS… where can i get it ??

U need to vet to lvl 99 then go to the shop u can buy it for gold their then rinse and repeat. When u use a perk u hero starts back at lvl 1 but u have the perk farm back up to lvl 99 and do it again

Thanks bro !