Heroic skill cap on arena


hey guys what is the cap of the heroic skill on arena? and what is the equivalent of 20 skill points on example i put 20 skill points on multishot?


Heroic skills doesn’t work on the arena, only +1-3 skill on your gears


Skills on pets get 4


is there a max cap of it? or it is ok if i have +3 multishot on all 6 gear and in pet? and 2 +2 all skill mythstone on mh and oh? all in all +25 multishot on arena?


I think its 20 instead of 40 as the cap but what you got is plenty. Although it could be possible to have more than 20+ in arena to work maybe.


Cap 40 but to take more 20 difficult
Mh: +3 Oh:+3
Chest: +2 helm: +2
Ring: +3 amulet: +3
Pet: +2
Maybe I got the wrong items, I’ve always checked


That sounds about right.


nope all gears and pet has +3 if it’s a max roll.


Nope, just look it on the arena, view your profile.


yep if it’s +2 it means it not max roll try to use sapphire and you will know it’s not a max roll :joy:


Are you kidding me ? Look at your profile when you’re in the arena, there are some things +2 even if you have +10 in the campaign …


You must’ve forgot about 10.1 rolls :sunglasses:


I’m finding that remaining in 1v1 pvp eternal league is easier than climbing mythic 2v2 league. In 1v1 I just have to turn up to climb back into eternal. In 2v2 it’s a constant slog and I’m stuck


then why my all gears has +3?


My bad, I just checked, I had stat 10, I changed it to 10, and I got 3 … This game is making fun of me … :rage: