Heroic skill cap

Is there a hard coded cap too your heroic skills? (Not the 20)

No one knows. No one but @SteigerBox. :no_mouth:
I’m sure someone else does.

I always thought it was 100. Nice, round, even number. I wouldn’t know for sure though, I’m only 95. I saw a cheater back then in the old forums. All his gears’ affixes are maxed and his heroic level is set to 99.

Damn, 95. I’m at 71. I’m a casual, though. :confused: Wish I wasn’t as lazy as I am so I could be a full-fledged gamer. :smile:

I think 99 too,
Not sure.
Still at 76 haha

Are you asking for heroic max lvl? If yes then the ans is 99.
Skills like meteo etc are 20(using lvl points) but you can mac them into 40. Just put the right affix like +5 meteor and +5 all skill


Thanks the 40 was what I was curious about

i have an epic affix on my gear ( +5whirlwind ) just look for that kind of affix +5(skillname) that ur using
You’ll encounter it someday :slight_smile:

Sorry for my bad english

heroic lvl/heroic point max is 99. but for how many u can add is depend on affix u have like +5 XX skill (epic affix), +3 all skill (legend affix) +5 all skil (elixer ms)

Heroic skill max cap is 40. 20 can add durectly from heroic point u have, the rest 20 u can add from MS elixer (on MH & OH), legend affix from nadroji accessories (ring & necklace) or epic affix specific to xx skill.

max cap for +all skill is 12 and specific +skill affix (epic) is most likely don’t have cap.


As @cronos4321 said, the max hero level is lvl99 and also I am level 94 (so close to cap)!

I thought I read another (admittedly older) thread where a developer stated Heroic Level goes to 100.

for 2 month both my main and hireling stuck at 99, even the heroic exp not increased anymore lol.

But after cap, feats are still repeatable / completable?

Yes ofc. Hero skill is capped at 99 when you have added all the hero points. Also feats are always repeatable no matter what. That’s why some are really rewarding .

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