Hey good for newbie? Solo warrior farm crytal


for Noobie, get the Luck on your Stat Page up to +650%. also putting Hero Points in Fortune Skill will help. finding items with Fortune affix and Item Drop affix will be a big help. don’t forget Gold Find for more Gold. also killing monsters fast will give you better loot, so starting to farm on lower difficulty levels can help you get good loot and items that can help you to farm on higher difficulty levels for some of the more powerful Legend Items that can help make stronger Farm Builds to get the Crystals you want.

if you have a lot of Gold, you can convert Items to Crystals. converting Normal, Magic, and Rare Items only give you a chance to get a Crystal. converting Epic Items will get you a Crystal. Converting Legend Items can get you Rare Crystals, and Converting Eternal & Crystal Items can get you Ultra Rare Crystals. the better the Crystal you are trying to get this way, the more Gold it costs. the cost will be shown when you click on the Convert button. you can decide then if you want to convert or not.