Hey want a chalenge?

I have a new chalenge, start a new chatecter preferably on a acount where you have plenty of gems spawn in on mythic three, and the twist is, your gear can not have any affixes, elements, or talents on them(items must have a nature on them so feel free to use what ever nature) That means your health damage and mana all heavily will depend upon your stat points you put in your hero points, and your item management skills with your chosen classes gear. You will likely have To have one magic item of each thing for your class to climb. Asend as high as you can with out dying. I wish you all luck. I curently just beat nix gigas as a wizard and had a close call on several ocasions climbing his floors and am still climbing. (The slow down is nasty) and I am curious to hear how your atempts will go. With that I introduce you to, The no enchantments challenge. Enjoy. (Edit you may use your gems to remove afixes and elements off your items so they are valid for the chalenge.)

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Update I died just now on fl 16. To a telleporting swarm of magic enemies. I will start another atempt soon.

does that mean starting with a level 1 character with level 1 equipment with our choice of Natures, and only use Stat Points in Power, Health, and Mana, and only level up Weapons, as that is the only way to not have Talents. and of course Hero Points when you earn them. and I guess that we would use Arcane Element only? that way, you only have to worry about Greatly resist Arcane, since no monsters have Resist Arcane or Immune to Arcane Element.

this sounds interesting. I can delete one of my PVP characters, I might go with Rogue, as my PVP Wizard is in fighting mode in the Battle Arena… sort of.

on floor 7 with a Rogue. I had to use Fire or Shock on some Rare+ monsters and the Act Bosses (1 Boss Slime so far) to speed things up. I now remember doing something like this for testing back in my noob days, when I learned that Campaign enemies had no resistance or immune to Arcane Element (enemies can be Greatly Resistant to Arcane Element).

ahh, I did die a few times, it’s hard when you don’t have HP Regen or on Hit. maybe I should start over and put my first Hero Point into Strength for the Regen and just use MP Potion for my Mana. this way, I can put my first few Stat Points into Power so that I can kill monsters faster. M3 monsters sure have a lot of Health!

I think I got to floor 3 or 4 before I died the first time.

In Options > Gameplay > Reset Tutorial, if you Reset your Tutorial, you get 3 Skill points to start with instead of just one. I just found this out last night when I restarted my Rogue, and have never noticed this in all the years I’ve been playing (even all those times I Reset my Tutorial). Now I have Strength, Intelligence, and Boomerang all Skill Level 1. This made a big difference from my first attempt starting with only one Skill Point.

It looks like the Tutorial starts Beginning Players with Hero Skill Level 3 instead of 1. That’s really nice :+1: !

Edit: I think I was wrong about starting with 3 Skill Points when Resetting the Tutorial. When I did it again, I only started with one. I think I didn’t realize I had leveled up my Hero Level and got kind of excited.

Yes all that is corect.

Yo that is actualy sick. I never knew that.

Also you bring up a point about enemy imune shoukd we alow elements ounce campain is passed? As sort of a reward and incentive to keep climbing?

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Atempt two, another wizard, found a shrine for a powerfull enemy on floor two and figured it would be a good way to get some early game hero points, summoned it and imediatly regreted it when i saw it had greatly resists arcane, i decided to fight it any ways since its only f2, if i die i dont lose much, and after a long and heroic battle that honestly is makeing me wonder how the fight with the final boss of the fire dungeon will be like, i killed him… for 12 hero points out of 500 and not enough exp to level up ounce… this run is gonna go well. (Edit,) f3 first enemy i ran into was magic slimes with thorns. ._. I am still alive though… in health, if not in spirit.

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Greatly Immune to Element… there are 5 versions of this, one for each Element, and the more powerful monsters that have 5 or 6 Monster Affixes can have all 5 of them! what they do is give a monster a 75% damage reduction against one Element.

since Magic+ Monsters on Campaign maps have a chance to have Greatly Resist Arcane, I added one Fire & one Shock Chakram to my Rouges inventory when one shows up (I just like Fire & Shock for this challenge). if I ever get stuck against a monster that has all 5, I think I’ll just skip it and kill everything else on the map and then go to the next floor. or maybe just have a 30% Weaken Mythstone on my Arcane Chakram and ignore the other Element Weapons. this way, only 30% of my attacks have Weaken 30% and I don’t have to keep switching my weapons when Greatly Resist Arcane shows up.

I did the other Element Weapons when I met my first GRA enemy, but I’m thinking of going the way of 30% Weaken. I was like, ‘why is my damage sucking so bad all of a sudden?’ then I saw the GRA affix and I said ‘I don’t have time for this!’

one thing about using the 30% Weaken, you don’t need extra weapons, and you can still keep the feeling of the Challenge against GRA enemies without feeling like you have to leave it behind or take forever to kill it. I’ll try that out tonight, as I died again on floor 4… I wasn’t paying attention to my Health :crying_cat_face: .

I think this time I’ll start with Strength 2 and Intelligence 1. mobs really suck your HP down too fast when you’re tired!

I find the Greatly Resist Arcane to be really annoying! so I went with a Weaken Myth Stone on each of my weapons for +60% Weaken all the time. considering that there are no other affixes on my Gears, the extra damage is comparable to my Critical Damage, except that the Weaken is 60% chance to 20% Crit Chance (4 Death Natures with 2 Strength Natures).

another thing I did is to put a Quest MS on all my Gears to get to level 99 faster, without dying, and I level both of my weapons every time I go up a floor to get a little more damage.

even doing this, I am up to floor 7 M3 and really hate fighting Magic+ Monsters, because they take forever to die.

for my Stat Points, I do 2 into Power for every 1 each into Health & Mana as I level up. Skill Points go where I need them.

I had a great idea this morning. when you first start this challenge, look for an Item with Ignore Resist and take off all of the other affixes. Ignore Resist cancels Greatly Resist Arcane, which would make this an easier and more fun Challenge!

I’m going to try this with my Warrior, as I took my Challenge in a different direction than in the original post.