HHLGFID Build [ Warrior, Hire Only ]

I Created this very easy build, maybe almost all people can create it.
I named it HHLGFID <= bad name lol , that mean Hiring Heroes Luck,Gold Find,Item Drops.
This build has not done in my warrior because dont have enough crystal too roll, hard rolling build maybe, i just done it around 50% in my character…
With this build, you will maxed item drops luck and gold find, even with high HP and AR.

Why i choose warrior ? because most warrior item are have epic legend for maxing the HP and AR, warrior item also have higher AR than another class.

Well, hired heroes have very very weak damage, better you just make it follow you
, set all skill to never used, avoid enemy to 50 yards, follow team mate 20yards, Enter survival when 45% HP.

I has been not tested this build, but with my count, if you have max lvl of warrior, and all stats to health ( 299 total health point ) you will get 150k HP, and around 35k Armor Rating

Nature :
4 Protection & 2 Greed.

Talents :
Amulet : Random, Armor : Hardened , Helm : Phalanx, Ring : Salvation,

Heroic Point :
20 Fortune
20 Dexterity
20 Strength
Edit : Change total AR in Chest,Helm,Ring, Amulet to Endow, you will get around 60k Armor Rating. If you change Epic affixes Armor to Legend affixes, you may got around 68K armor rating.

Try to maxed all stats, AR TOTAL HP TOTAL AR HP, maxed it all.
Note : Change All " + Armor + Epic Affixes to Legend Affixes, you will got 5000 instance of 2500.
This build better combined with rogue, you can use Blightbog saboteur, kill the monster faster.

Sorry for my bad english, any suggestion will be appreciated.

For Luck Item Drop Gold Mechanics :

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The problem with using the hireling as the luck, item drop, gold find character is that you can’t benefit from Nadroji, Eternalized, Crystalline, or Mythical. Hired heroes with the right settings don’t actually have all that weak of damage, even though they aren’t typically as good as when you control them yourself.

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Yes, Idk about eternalized,crystalline or mythical, because set affixes dont work in hire mode.
but about nadroji,try to use nadroji in main character
i even got alot warrior rare legends more than rogue
How i do that :
I don’t know nadroji is used to IDing item or no, because legend item is ??? stats and name, so i think we use nadroji to ID it, so if i got legends item in my warrior inventory, ill just move it to stash and use my main character to ID it.i have nadroji (6), my main character have 30% item drop, 550% luck.

this build maybe can be tank in PvP 2vs2, you just let the warrior go forward first, after enemy hitting stun frozen the warrior, its your main character chance to kill them :3.

item that u loot is fixed. even when it unidentified its already fixed to 1 item. lets say u get any legend. dont ID it yet. try press convert but dont proceed. look at the item name u can know from there what item u got.

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Oh thanks the information.