Hi div 2


Is there a guils in this game ?


Right know my account is not in eternal league, i put a build whid 0 affix and go to ledgend league, after all that talk about my build, i take er down from eternal league, but if you say you ID in PvP i will go there to test you build if you whant, by the whay @Indy your build dont have AR our Dodge our high hp, you have 1k power that is useless whid no survivebility, you die to me in 3 second, work pn that, i remember that you had a broser build whid hight hp, is what like 250k ou 300k, make a hibrid!


Hybrid builds all the way for me. You can only fight any style of play by having no style no style of play


nope . i hope it will have a guild system. maybe on dq2.


Yes ZOMBOY i used to have a high hp, and high AR, but it had little to no damage.

Now i have high damage but low hp and armour.

I cant seem to find a good middle build.


I can help you if you ned some tip’s🙃


Made it to division 2 again, lasted about 10 seconds this time …


Nice one 2v2 eternal eludes me as yet :slight_smile:


Well i wasnt there for very long. Back to div 3


keep fighting. You slide when you take time off lol


When you get to eternal or mythic league and you rank stays same then your in the abandoned player part. If your active but seem to be stagnant (no progression) the look at your build and think “what I need to change?”


Yeah, i only have time on internet for a little while on a few days a week. So i make progress then slip back down. My rank changes when i win so im not in abandoned part.

Just slow going. :slight_smile: