Hi guys, advise me build for wizard


hi guys, advise me a build for wizard for pve content farm. It is desirable that it was not expensive and I could pass them mythic3 floors. And do you think Build aftermath is suitable for my purposes ?


Just look for guides in the site. Aftermath is an awsome set which I’ve seen in the videos. But I’m more of a storm guy.

For new players, I guess Plague/Druid combo is the best for starters. And please help yourself with Satyrs and Adventure Aoe loot and Movespeed affix, helps alot. At best rush to flr 200, then think about what you want to build which I prefer full farm build.


do a search for wizard builds. you will get a lot of ideas from other players posts. also do a search for dps, as mythic3 floor monsters have A LOT of hit points to go through.


poison clouds builds are cheapest builds and can still deal billions of damage


Yep. Also they used to be the most OP builds, until Frozen took the spotlight. I do agree with you as it’s easy to deal damage.

Amazing for farming and sometimes floor climbing too! Man I miss the times when poison was ridiculously broken for a green garden build where it didn’t do much DMG yet poison buff it to sextillion or higher and fill screen with big numbers.

Even though poison not as OP , it’s still very powerful and great for easy damage.


It depends on your play s


I’m fairly new but I have a build that’s got me into the eternal league and I haven’t come across any problems on mythic 3 floor 242 (that’s where I just stopped at). Anywho, I have golex’s gauntlet with mythic Blood magic and rolled permafrost onto it. My off hand is Hellfire (I use momento in PvP) but I recently put mythic nova on it. Like I said I’m fairly new so if anyone would like to give some pointers to this please feel free. I have the druid chest piece, permafrost hat, the ring i use the one for cerebral vortex with +2 all sets (mainly used for PvP but I’m looking for a good PvE ring), and I use the druid amulet for the set bonus. Why?
Permafrost bonus is +5000 Mp Regen
Druid Bonus is 5000+ Hp Regen
Blood Magic Removes Mp and turns all stats that boost Mp Effects into Hp effects. Now at 10k Hp Regen.
Druid Set bonus increases Hp and Mp regen (with the +2 bonus with the ring as well) puts you at 20k (cap).
All the druid pieces have HP regen on them as well, so remove these/re roll them to whatever stat you see fit.
I haven’t seen a build like this that I’m aware of but I don’t know what to call the build. I feel it’s great. Oh, I also use ice elements to freeze enemies. The druid chest piece ignores enemies resistances. Hope this helps.
(Pro players please give me some tips for this build if you can)


Change blood magic to alchemy. Consider equality and plagued as set extras. Pvp only needs 1 permafrost with the permafrost bonus affix to work. Same with druidic. Check out @Mr_Scooty immortal reveal gift thread


I will add this. Bravo so far. Defiant is a good affix too


Here is mine at the moment :blush: https://youtu.be/0hV5VJLI7lI


Oh I want Shibe so bad!


You will find it. I’ve only been playing 10 months. You don’t need Shiba. Remember that the perma frost bonus activates with one item. The pet could have any other set affix. Don’t worry. Play around with pets. Have fun


@Golem I’m going to apply chimera principle to this build with rings swap only. I think you had mentioned that idea before. A huge selection of rings that creates variation in a build but yet keeps it intact


hmm, I had the idea for my farm build, switch out my hats for Eternalized, Crystaline, and Mythical, depending on what I wanted to farm. the rest of the build has the Luck, Gold Find, and Nadriji stuff, with some fighting and defending stuff. but I need to remake it eventually, since it still needs max item drop. that’s 4 spaces to change out from something else, and I need to do some big rethinking for the build to make it work. I have gotten to like using a Main & Hireling Farming Team.


I have nadroji armour and ring for bonus. Eternal hat with a choice of eternalized or christaline set weapon switches depending on what I am after. Ephinany amulet to raise caps etc for drops. The shield affix is not interesting apart from chrystal block affix. My pet is just an imp for obvious reasons. My hireling deadly sins.


I set my pick up options to epic plus so an imp is essential


When im looking for eternal I wear two eternalized . When converting dust into eternal … brainwave. … I could switch to two christaline !!!


If I am converting dust into eternal and want chrystal affixes then two christaline is surely the way to go. The item will be eternal anyway. I feel like homer simpson doh!