Hi guys, FreeJh here, i'm looking for a pvp Shakram build

anyone for share a pvp good shackram build? i like shacks but i dont have idea to how build this, can you guys help me? sorry for bad english.

Really, chakram is a desert. No one uses them effect for a few people. I am one of them. @Kcellvirus is another. Living Force, Energy, and a projectile mythic like Rock Blast or Cosmic Orb are a must.

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enigma is viable for that build?

I think I met you 6 times in a row. this is just the sixth time) and my chakras


Yes, but vanish may work better.

i like your build Mahaout, your build is very strong, if I mistake the trinket was already the game, to looking for a build this just because of you, I thought well dahora your style of play.

I have a good chakram build under my belt. I don’t share too often, and I don’t play arena too much, though.

After I finished my build I did over 40 streaks in a row. All top players are repeated 6-7 times in a row

nice, I will give some research here in the forum and try to mount a similar to the one you use, I hope I can. anyway, it’s always cool duel with you, hug

I also was able to do this build after a long study other people’s builds on this forum, hug )

This is the most important The Aftermath Build [WIZARD GUIDE] Yes! I feel truly no1 and top 3 is wizard warfare

Im using chakram but only for farming

For chac,
Cosmicorb and enigma works very well :smile: but theres always better affix, depends on your taste or what you want for ur build,