Hi guys I'm sharing my rogue build but Im not satisfied with my items I need your advice for PvP thanks



@Tenten for PVP?


@Tenten for PVP or PVE?


Yeah… I forgot to put in the script (For PVP) btw the one I’m using is only for farming for items, Crystal’s and mythic stone so I hope that you would help me


For PvP items


@Tenten Periphery on MH? why not Defiant?


yeah i choice periphery instead of Defiant cuz so hard to find or create a Defiant Affix on weapon


Defiant can only be found on items, not rolled with Ruby. there is a Defiant Chakram, Ragnarok. check the Codex to see where it can be found.

change the +100% DMG to +5,000 DMG on the MH. or even better, take the DMG affixes off of the MH & OH, replace them with affixes from the Ring and Cap, and on the Ring and Cap, put a +5,000 Shock. you lose 5,000 DMG for each weapon, but gain +10,000 Shock for each weapon instead.

change the +50% Myth Stone to a second +5 All Skills on the MH.

the +250% All Resist Myth Stone on the Amulet, change that to an Epic affix instead. Myth Stones are penalized more than affixes are. I think you only get 30% of the Myth Stones values and 40% of Affixes values.

Adventurer Set doesn’t work in PVP. it activates when you pick up Gold, and there is no Gold to pick up in the Arena.

Arcanist needs Ascendant Set to work, so maybe replace Adventurer Set with Ascendant Set instead. but these 2 Sets as a PVP combination are not very good. Arcanist with Ascendant work better the more enemies there are. the only builds this combination would work well against in PVP are Minions Builds.

hope this helps.


In PvP mythstones are scaled down 60%, so you only get all sets to lvl 3 (one mythstone gives you only 1 all sets instead of 2). Is it not better to enchant 4 times all sets to get the sets to lvl 5 in the arena?


Harmony hat with permafrost set and bonus. I will say no more.


All sets cap at arena is 2, so its useless if u encahnt more, but if u still want +4 set, use same set like head faun gift+ chest faunt gift


Thanks, good to know this