Hi ka DQ>>>im new

hi im new here but not in the game…i need to know more build up in your latest build guys plz suggest im currently at floor 889 but its hard for me to go up…please help ka DQ family

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Well tell us what youve been using and what you have to work with, we’ll see what can be done for improvements. Or if your running something really new ill look into something special for ya

tnx for not ignore my post guys…for now im using warrior in main and hiring warrior also both are same build of infinity infinity crushingflame

So the crushing flames+frozen? Its powerful but slow…

For farming i use scalp only, but i know some people like knights charge, sprint+frozen, or AoE+charge, etc.
Farming builds mean you can make complete new builds in 3-4 days as oppose to 2 weeks

But if you preffer, the floor climbing build consists of crushing flames+frozen. Neither do damage but the idea is to ramp up crushing blow to 100% enemy max health, then use frozen enemies to explode for say 500% of that damage to insta kill everything.
If you tell me two skills (one MH, one OH) ill try to make a build up for ya if you like?

ok so do u have a reffer build up for warrior im glad if u share ur buildup…i wish i can climb fast and farm also…plz do u have suggest to build

MH - Masochist’s edge
OH - horn with crystal block
Chest - Indras boon chest with crystal block
Head- Apex of epiphany
Ring - Eternal loop of epiphany
Amulet - Strand of epiphany

Mythics- sanctuary, energy
Mythstones- x2 +2all sets

Crystal- x2 block, x1 dodge, x1 attack speed, x1 weaken

Pet- dodge, crushing blow
Youll need x1 dodge+10% somewhere on the gear too
Only 10% crushing blow total.
Needs x2 bulwark on gear for +40 bulwark talent.

Heroic- dexterity.

Natures- evasion

Sets- x2 crushing flames, frozen, x3 Epiphany

Everything ice except for fire MH

is this ur currently buildup?any image?

Thats the idea, you can use this as refference but it could be improved

is it possible to have 45block in crystal?i cant find it i spend many times only dodge have appear or they use a cheat to have that 45block cause it nothing

I mention specifically ‘indra’s boon’ chest, it is the only chest to allow crystal block… There is frost raven ring, lederer’s lance and revenge helm that also have block predetermined

i get 1 tnx…sorry now i know how to get it…tnx a lot i show u tommorow my build as what u mention lately…