Hi long time no see

how are you guys?
after a long break, I finally got back to playing… well as usual with the “save and load” method and waited 3 hours after that… well that’s because I’m lazy to farm :sweat_smile:,
I’ve found a recipe for rouge ricochet, which at that time I was very inspired by seniors such as @NUIQUE etc
I don’t know how strong this build is in dealing damage, but I hope it can help enliven the top division of the eternal league

Agains TOP battlemage

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Swell, hey welcome back. Im relatively new to the comunity although ive been playing this game for awhile. I hope we can perhaps pvp in arena some time or chat. Any ways have a great day.

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Hii nice to meet you

Im working on a new build curently. Im gonna call it the flame cloak build. Inspired off of skyrims flame cloak. Its gonja be a pve floor clearing build.