Hi, new player here. Can I get a little help?

Been playing the game off and on for roughly a week now and I’ve got some questions that I can’t find the answers to. The wiki is sparsely populated and a lot of the info seems out of date, so I’m hoping someone can clue me in here. I’ve read thru some of the topics here, and I’ve played enough Roguelike dungeon crawlers in the past, that I have a decent grasp on most of the core concepts. I played so much Diablo 2 back in highschool that I can probably still do Andy runs in my sleep. Anyway, what I’m needing help with is things specific to this game. Thanks in advance.

First off, it might help if I explain how I’ve been playing. My build preference is Luck items > Gold find > % elemental dmg > Flat elemental dmg > HP, with pretty much every other stat being overlooked in ensuring that these are as high as possible. I mostly run thru the game with loot pickup set to Legend+, dropping it down to Rare if I’m beginning to get bogged down by not having enough DPS. I only play on Legend difficulty. I’ve had it up on Mythic 3 for awhile, but it just took too long to kill things. I’m also exclusively doing Cartographer maps to advance. I’m on floor 127 and my characters (a Wizard main and a Warrior hireling) are levels 93.

Buildwise, my Wizard is running with a wand and skull setup, all in Poison. Lucked into an Eternal Legend Plagued ring and built my gear around it. I like it because the skull skills do a good job of picking off stragglers if I’m not looking, and Storm just slaughters entire mobs even if they resist poison. My warrior is using an Eternal Legend Permafrost lance and hatchet, with his gear being set to all Ice. His Lance skills are turned completely off in favor of using Toss. When I first started, my first good Legendary was a Scorpio with 8000 damage on it, at a point when weapons were having around 900-1200 damage. Toss carried me HARD thru the early game and I’ve stuck with it. The Lance is just there to add a bunch of Ice damage.

Anyway, questions

1: Pets. I’m using an Imp on my wizard and a Dog on my Warrior. Lucked into an Epic and Rare respectively, with decent bonuses on each, as my first two pets. Are Fairies even worth using? I take damage so rarely atm unless I’m on a Thorns enemy. Also, how does the Imp’s Hoard skill work exactly? I’ve been operating under the assumption that having my pickups set to Legend+ should be slowly refining my drops into more Legendary items.

2: Stats. What stats should I be investing it at level up? For the longest time I was investing almost exclusively in Power. My gear was low level enough but with high stats that my MP cost was negligible. It wasn’t until I upgraded that I realized what kind of hole I had dug myself and poured points into Mana. I’m at around 120 power, 60 Health, and 90 Mana on both characters.

3: Heroic Skills. How should I be spending my Heroic Skills. Right now, both characters have 5 points in Strength, Intelligence, and Fortune. All of my Warrior’s remaining points are in Toss (like seriously, 20 points in Toss), and my Wizard’s points are divided more or less evenly between Barrage, Storm, Skull Shield, and Skulldraga.

4: Perks. I’m getting close to Ascending for the first time and I’m not sure what I should be looking for. It seems like to me that the Hunter perk might be the best one for me to find better gear overall, since it would dramatically increase the number of Epic enemies I’d encounter. Dealer seems like it would help with the grind back up to 5 mil if I started picking up EVERYTHING and selling it. Fortunate is probably better than Dealer tho. Idk, it’s hard to say.

Anyway, that’s what I got for now. I may have more questions later. Thanks to anyone able to help

First off, check out this guide: Skaul's Hierarchy of Tips and Tricks [SHTT] [2.5]

Some cool guy made it. It will help you out a lot.

You’re better off to stick most of your Hero Points into Fortune, then another of the base bonuses, then into the skill you use most.

I recommend Treasured, Dealer, or Fortunate first.

In the end, it doesn’t matter all too much which pet you use because you’ll desire stats over function eventually. However, I prefer Imps for functionality with item pickup set to Rare+. It’ll provide an influx of legends and fill your coin purse.

Go for Dealer perk , this will help you alot for next ascend . You can make a hunter ring for epic monsters…

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Depends on build. I invest into Fortune + 4 Skills for my Chakram Build. Fortune->Boomerange->BlinkStrike->Stealth->CoatWeapon. Every patch, since I became tester, has this build nerfed. Even the next one will continue to nerf it. But it is still my favorite build so =/.

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Chakram ftw

Ok, I went ahead and grabbed Fortune. I didn’t realize I would be unable to equip my old gear for awhile after rolling over. It’s been very frustrating hiding behind my warrior til lvl 45 so I could actually do damage especially when he’d get hung up on a bugged dead-but-still-chasing-me enemy in a +Pack Size level. Couple of new questions.

5: How does the % DpS slider work when comparing gear? My warrior has been using a hatchet with 23.4 K base damage. The game is trying to tell me that equipping a 49.9K base damage hatchet is a 45% DECREASE in DpS, even with both being the same element. Neither has a + Attack Chance affix either, which I think usually causes such oddness.

6: Do the “Quests” ever update? I long since finished the Kill 40 Epic Monsters, Complete 40 Maos, and gain 27M XP quests, and the Kill 20 Legendary Monsters quest has expired… What gives?

7L Do perks stack across characters? Like, if my Warrior and Wizard both have Fortune, would it be +400% to Luck and Gold Find? If not, can I grab Dealer for my Warrior and use it while he’s my hireling?

The GUI compares all stats (except deadly strike) it is good for newbs but as you go higher, you want to specialize and therefore the GUI is useless.