Can I change item skill and The green and blue text on item?

And why I cant remove any Stat from enternal Item?

Eternals cannot be rerolled by all means

Symmetry of strength can be changed into symetry of xxx it uses nature changing stone

Crystal affix also cannot be rerolled

Changing item skills is possible

I’m bad in English … does that mean I cant change my skill item or I can?

You can change everything apart from blue or purple mythic word on item. If your item is eternal (green) you can only change the element, nature or character class using gems

So you can’t change iLvL on eternal gear?

I have all eternal gear now for ice but it’s iLvL 65, 72, 90 and only 1 piece is 100 iLvL… I crafted 2 pieces and it was just iLvL 65 and 72.

Yes you can

How? I tried with Peridot but it says I can’t do it to that item on all of my eternal gear.

I notice it says based on Hero level and highest floor achieved, my Heroic level is 82 and highest floor achieved is 345 on epic and I’m level 95 right now on my 3rd acsension, am I capped or what do I use?

My reply was meant for daniellida
What you are asking is a separate question and deserve a separate thread or the rather

Other wise it gets really confusing

y, u can do it
item skill - use Citrine
green (set affix) - delete him and add new. use Kyanite for delete, and amethyst for add set affix
blue (crystall affix) - can`t delete them.

Can the blue stat I change it?

can not be changed, and can not be deleted.
Only get a new legendary item, and use obsidian.
or buy eternal and legend items from codex, and you will have a chance to get an item with crystal affix that can only be on this item

You can reroll the obsidian

You can reroll chystal affix percent value but not its characteristic with a diamond. Example a 22% chrystal block affix can be rolled to 30%. But it will stay a block affix and not change to armour or anyother affix. So if you didnt want a chrystal block then sell the item and start again.