Hiding mythstones

I perfectly understand that eternal items affixes are shown to avoid cheating, but could devs hide mythstones affixes (and mythical set items affixes) that are on eternal items to avoid reavealing a part of a build that could be really important to win. Also, how do we check if cheaters didn’t increased values of their affixes?

affixes have a cap, when you get to know what they are, if you see an item with affixes with over cap values, cheater!!!

if your Character is in Eternal League, your Items are all ???, so kind of hard to see if they are cheating.

The game should check items before entering arena.

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I think it does, but it doesn’t seem to catch everything, which is why we have a Report Cheaters/Hackers Thread.

I’m lazy when it comes to figuring out a Build, but these Cheaters & Hackers make me feel positively energetic in comparison.