High Voltage

I have a question regarding high voltage. I have 102% paralysis. Is having 469.4% high voltage overkill? Should i limit it to 300% and add 5k ED+ affix on my ring? Because i have 100% high voltage legend affix on my ring. I saw Nuique’s barrage build and he have only 300%+ high voltage. I’m using barrage build.

Im assuming your using this for pvp?
A lot depends on your base damage and who your fighting, but yes you should definitely use some flat epic elemental damage affixes.
Epic ED affixes aren’t reduced by the opponents armour stat, but they are reduced by their resist, making them very strong vs enemies with extreamly high armour.

There is a balance to be gotten for each affix, for example if i add one glass cannon for +50% damage, the next glass cannon wont directly increase damage by another 50%, it’ll effectively be +33%.
10’000 * 1.5 = 15’000 (one glass cannon)
10’000 * 2.0 = 20’000 (two glass cannon)
20’000 / 15’000 = 1.333 (efficiency of second affix)
The same is true for any other affix, including elemental critical damage such as high voltage.

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One thing you could test, and i believe it should be true…

High voltage increases damage to stunned enemies.
Berzerker set gives stun chance equal to attack speed on gear.
High voltage should be able to increase your damage without your element even being shock.

Therefore, you could use ice element with aetherial drain and frostbiting
If you had one of each:
10’000 * 2 = 20’000 (+100% dmg)
20’000 * 2 = 40’000 (+100% dmg)

Vs if you only had two high voltage
10’000 * 2 = 20’000 (one high voltage)
10’000 * 3 = 30’000 (two high voltage)

Obviously higher damage with the frostbiting, but its a lower chance
The other issue is electrocute wouldnt do anything besides the bonus, unless OH was shock haha

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I see so epic ed+ affix is better. Thanks for the info. I’m having trouble beating players in div 2 and 1(because mostly they’re cheaters). Some players with tank builds are also hard to beat.

Cheaters are just stepping stones to your eventual victory. learn from them and leave them in the dust.