Higher floor or lower floor on higher difficulty?

Hi, so my player lvl just hit 53(i just started playing like 3 days ago total newb here) and im on floor 50 something on Epic difficulty which is pretty easy, should I keep going or try bumping up difficulty which looking at specs is a big jump to enemy health but no to damage so prolly safe on legendary, or keep going and once it gets hard drop down and proceed. I don’t know how the loot works, whether it is best to do higher levels on low difficulty or lower floors and higher difficulty. Any thoughts would be helpful, thanks!

The best way that i did it is you switch it to Legend - Mythic 3 your choice buy a map then you go into Very easy mode convert the map you got in very easy and you can climb levels and get some good gear

The below guide might help you develop a strategy.

I played floors 100-200 at M1-M3 to get good drop rate & luck boosts that the map gives. Played highest difficulty I could, where I was able to efficiently kill mobs. Get better gear drops & then push to a higher floor or difficulty. Play floors that are to your elemental advantage.

Early on it is definitely better to do lower floors on higher difficulty and then too switch difficulty too legend once you hit floor 200 because there is a legend called the frightening choker there that is very helpful in early game progression :smile:

Speaking of this item - which you mention in the guide that i keep asking you questions about:P I think I’ve farmed roughly 50 legendary necklaces, past floor 200, on my wizard so far. EVERYTHING so far has been for wizard, and I noticed that frightening choker is a ‘rogue’ legendary. Haven’t really stumbled across anything about the topic, but I’m thinking, given my experience so far, that there’s a higher chance of getting items used for your class, while playing that specific class, than getting items meant for other classes?
The question is: Is it at all possible to get the frightening choker on a wizard, and am i just being impatient as usual, or should I just try to lvl a rogue and farm it on that champ instead?:smile:


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Yes items are more likely to drop for your class but the frightening choker will drop on wizard the fact that it hasn’t yet is just RNGesus being a troll :smile:

I was born to break the trolls - Rngbased or not! :sunglasses:

Go and kick RNGesus’s butt :sunglasses:

Like all the guides I see are based on wiz for your first character…of course I am a warrior. Also omg I got to legend V in arena so quick and like now I have wiz that stand in corner I can hit them with hatchet (how i do all kills in pvp) but it does not touch their health bar and they don’t kill me either we just keep drawing until I give up and just get close in on them then somehow they instant kill me. Is there a limit on draws or u keep going till a winner. I just have to let myself die on those so far no way to win and draws go no where.

Haha actually I think may have something for you I have just started a set of guides on youtube (since some people where asking for video guides over written ones) where I start a new account with a warrior with the goal of getting to eternal league as quickly as possible and Ideally in the coming days it should answer all of your questions about how to progress early game as a warrior and how to deal with difficult arena opponents :smile: also there is no limit on draws but both you and your opponents damages are increased by 25% every time too avoid permanent stalemates


Glad you mentioned the increase of damage, may keep drawing eventually I would win lol. I just don’t understand how the wiz could generate health like that but i may make one eventually to find out lol. Thx, will check out your warrior stuff.

It’s most likely because of druidic which can be used to get some pretty insane HP regen :smile:

I agree… First i go to normal then legend anf if i dont have a suitable build still… I go to mythic 1 then mythic 3 :grinning::grinning::grin::grin:

Duude wat channel?!! I need to watch those episodes!!! :grin::grin::grin::grin:

There you go I’m glad to hear your interested! I just finished recording tomorrows one and will be recording one for the next day momentarily :smile:


Ooohhh yeah!! Hahah im really exited to watch because i learn pretty slow hahah thank u for doin this! :grin::grin::grin::grin:

And thank you for being interested! :green_heart: I’m gonna be putting out 1 a day just because of how long it takes for me to upload them (I have really bad upload speed) so look out for tomorrows! :smile:


Thanks… i dont use internet much thats why i love this game… And i need to save videos to learn hhaahah im looking forward to it

:green_heart: I’m super glad that you’ll find them useful! and yeah ikr the fact that this game is offline really is just absolutely fantastic :smile:

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