Highest burst dmg in arena

hi good day today i was testing some bow build in arena that can manage to kill top eternal players. @Griffin012 i tried to solve the prob using this build. this setup can literrally 1hit anyone(autoproc der sanctuary)though vice versa on other hand any can 1hit u too(auto proc ur sanc).
heres the wooping 291.7k+ crit 1shot(i believe can be much stronger w/ foe who got higher hp)

heres arena dmg stat.

Note : not literally highest burst maybe someone outder has higher dmg(deadly crit) than this.

this setup can be also viable in pve w/ enough cdreduc.


That ppwer is 1000 more than mine. No wonder you are on the top. Hahaha.

@Onaneehsyu actually this is just an experimental build. my top1 toon who uses charkram build has only 466power lol but i can easily kill people w/140k-300k+ in 10-20 sec. u

higher power in arena does not gaurantee victory. being more versatile is the key.

I do know that. You’re the master. :sweat_smile:

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So is the warrior you main character???

Nice I really do like the insane single hit builds problem is sanctuary doesn’t always proc when you have such low HP and a few players just have more HP then it is actually possible too 1 shot

@Griffin012 totally agree. i dont recomend this build for climbing to top league. its very hard to use (need right timing).

about hp. just by changing 3 affixes this build would have 8khp(enough to proc sanc) stil maintain around 1550-1600+ power.

overall this is just for fun setup lel(if u wna hit spike dmg)

@Onaneehsyu for pvp my main toon is rogue for pve realy dont have a main i farm w/ wiz/rogue/warrior i just switch char if i got bored.
for pve i like using rogue for hiking floor (stealth survival) i love using warrior w/ farm/tank setup. wiz dps hireling (i really love wiz talent just so good) .

Yeah I know I have a 1 shotter too they are very fun just not viable

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1 shotters great right? Especiay if your enemy has counter set affixes like Cerebral Vortex.

@Griffin012 im stil curious bout urs. does ur toon uses guidedshot ?

@Onaneehsyu only downside is when u go 1shot build u basicaly sacrifice all defensive affixes for achieving maximum dmg output thus u can be easily 1 shot as well w/ even low dmg toon.

but maybe with proper gameplay 1shot will be viable but will not gaurantee a win.

@onaneehsyu nah they’re generally trash but fun

@roykiyoy While it remains as one of the few builds worthy of the number 1 ranking not telling :wink:

Very much true. I’m still at a lost in how affixes synergize with the others to get the best results.

But trial and error I go.

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@Griffin012 lame ans haha. well il just kept experimenting til i find it out haha. (though ive been losing on my xperimental builds lol and 1 lose cost 19-25+points lol)

well pretty sure its really good worth to discover

nice damage

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