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What is the highest damage you made with “Ricochet” basic skill and Scattershot against Monsters?

I have finished my builds, I am not completely satisfied… :thinking:

With my Scattershot build, I can use my skill 3 times for only one cast due to “mirror cast” and “specialist” affixe. I hit between 6B and 40B per Hit even in 1000+ map (but 40B with low frequency hit in 1000+ map is slow to kill :sob: )
After 20 try, I didn’t have “Crit dmg” affixe on my Chakram :neutral_face:

With my ricochet build, I hit 2-4B per bullet and when the enemy’s HP is lower than 25%, I hit between 16B and 36B per bullet. For this build I am satisfied but I don’t know if it’s huge damage for this type of build.


Scattershot build

Switch my pets position on builds. Momentum on scattershot build and demonic on Ricochet :roll_eyes:

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You must add more 2 ultra affix of gold 225% x2 it’s also a nice combination from Satyr Spirit. For mythic resource it’s always a bother me a long argument to choose either furry or, blood magic. But, it depends on how you do or, styles. Blood magic has great dmg but, you must had low HP and little bit risky. While furry always had it’s special skill great dmg and it also has a more of chances of survival.

Chess Mythic: Brutal
Uttra affix: x1 Crit Chance 45%, x2 Crit Dmg 225%

… x2 crushing blow vs attack and, dodge that are in my next option list are still undeterminable

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For the scatter shot Buscaner need more golds it blinds must add talent Darkness, clear cast, speacialist affix already fits on reduce cd. Overload blinds it’s best choice, Haunting great dmg dealer but, it takes away enemies not highly recommended. Pathfinder for dodge then Dextrous talent.

But, badly I just remembered my scattershot dmg before only just hit 400M to 800M. But only just got 3B to 4B sometimes

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when using MH Primary Skill (Ricochet for example), Skilled Mythic will give better damage/DPS over time than using Brutal Mythic no matter how good your Crit Chance, Crit Damage, and Deadly Strike are. I did the math between the two using the same amount of Crit Chance, Crit Damage, and Deadly Strike. Brutal Mythic would do better with Skills that are not MH Primary Skills. so it would depend on where most of your damage is coming from in your build.

on the Chakram, replace the +20% Shock with Endow Mythistone for +50% Weapon Damage for better damage.

if you want a consistent +100%ish damage from Blood Magic, use Masochism Set with it. just need some Health.

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Thank you for your ideas of adjustment, +50% damage is better :+1:
I will try to use bloodmagic mythic with maso set. I seems to be an awesome combo :muscle:

And for my question, what is the highest damage you make against monster without frozen explosion or green garden (plagued and lot of monster)?

the best damage I ever got was with Twister 40 on Wizard using Ice with 2 or 3 Frostbiting, +200% or +300% Ice, and +200% Weapon Damage, plus some other stuff. I got up to around 300 to 400 billion damage. I just looked at my Billion Damage Club post, and it looks like I also put in Glasscannon +50% and maxed my Amplify Talent to 40 (I had Prismatic Talent or Ascendant Set) for +80% damage for each Element DoT on an enemy.

the thing that makes the +50% weapon damage better is that it gets multiplied by all the Legend %Shock damage you have. I’m not sure if it gets added to or multiplied by the +199% Weapon Damage you already have, but either way, you’re doing more damage than with the +20% Shock.

I think it’s possible to get up to Trillion damage without using Plague on all the monsters in a Map or using Frozen and/or Crushing Flame Sets or Crushing Blow.

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Very nice 300 - 400B with wizard :flushed: I have seen Amplify talent I was sure it can be extremely powerfully with element / ascendant and AoE skill to drastically increase the damage :muscle:

On wizard I think my highest damage was between 150B to 200B on bleed with my fire build.
160B on storm with my executer electrocution build
I have little build like my “Palpatine build”, I hit 6B to 25B per hit on Blast :joy:

On Warrior, I am weak. Almost 60B with sprint and full of finisher affixes and sets :roll_eyes:

On Rogue, 5000 B with electrocution Chakram build.
Or 200B - 300B with Bleed on my fire Chakram build
For me, Chakram on Rogue is the most powerful gameplay if you want to push the limit of damages with or without elemental critical :smirk:

So I try to make the highest damage with scattershot and Ricochet. Today, between 6B and 52B max with Scattershot. And 2B to 32B on Ricochet but I will create another one which could be even more powerful :thinking:

for a crazy damage build, max Power Stat, +100% or +200% Weapon Damage (a few Weapons don’t have Legend +200% WD) on Item doing most of the damage, +5000 Weapon Damage on the same Weapon, Endow Mythstone for +50% Weapon Damage (if you have the space. also, just read an old post where a Dev states that Endow only affects Skills the Weapon is on. I think this might also apply to Proc’s, which do MH Damage. I might do a test soon to see if this is still true or has changed), 5 +100% Elemental Damage, 6 Elemental Crit Damage, 40 Skill Points in the Skill doing most of your damage, max Crit chance, Crit damage & Deadly Strike, and then any Talents and Affixes of your choice that increase your damage and DPS.

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I don’t need huge dmg on my build,but i can climbing ez on All map with my warrior since 2018 till now


I can climb to but it’s a challenge for me to try to maximize DMG on different gameplay without crushing frozen combo or Green garden. :grin:
Seing Thousand billion Dmg without crushing is so satisfying

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I have Rogue cakram Arcanist without CF CB
Its real elemental dmg and can deal Trillion (purple digit) /MOB
Ez kill legend bos with MOB


I have recreate Scattershot build. Now, I hit between 30B and… 148B :crazy_face:
Finally I hit more than 100B with Scattershot
Thank you for your help, the idea of using “Bloodmagic” is very good.
I have made a poison build with Ricochet. 3-7B per bullet and 20 to 80B on poison cloud without lot of enemy. Very nice too.

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Arcanist without Ascendant?

Huuum… if I have 90% weaken, my hit with weakened make arcane debuff right?
First of all, I wanted to have “Gold find” crystal affixe on armor but I have weaken. Next, I have chosen this gun with huge damage but arcanist set wasn’t my first choice
For this build, I have to optimize my eternal items and to change my OF weapon to increase my mobility, mirror or bomb are better to teleport and create trap is useless for me.

Does Bloodmagic set and Bloodmagic mythic cumulative?
I have created a hat with set and mythic Bloodmagic, combined with skilled mythics and masochist set, it’s really really powerfully but I don’t know if this two “Bloodmagic” work together :thinking:

I have created two gun build with lightning element, one with many bullets and other with less bullets but more damage per bullet
I hadn’t create poison build on my Rogue. I made a poison gun which can hit billion damage even without many enemies. From 3-7B to 20-60B. I think my Hat is the most important part of this build. :thinking:

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Weaken puts the Arcane debuff from Arcanist set onto enemies for 0 seconds!

Arcanist Set needs Ascendant Set with Weaken to put Arcane debuff on enemies for 5 seconds! (the Arcane debuff actually comes from Ascendant Set. Arcanist Set uses the Arcane debuff to increase the damage done by Elemental % Damage.)

Blood Magic Set and Mythic don’t work together, it’s like using Blood Magic and Fury, only one will work, the other just takes up space doing nothing.

since your build is using Adventurer Set to give more movement speed to Momentum Set, you might want to get rid of Arcanist. on the other hand, Ricochet covers a lot ground to hit enemies, so it could pile up a lot of +20% ED% to boost the damage done by your +216.2% Shock Damage. on a pack size map you could get +1000% Shock Damage or higher with Ascendant/Arcanist/Weaken!

you might have to get a different Eternal Flintlock with a different Set or change Adventurer Set to Ascendant Set.

hope this helps.

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missing some opportunities for execute damage, you dont need so much blight, and you could get away with using haunting bonus on your ring with clear cast% instead of resource cost%…
so my recommendations would be: Stheno OH and Clasp of terror ring. gl farming <3


Thank you for your answers guys :nerd_face:

Lol , you must learn more

And you, what is your highest damage without frozen, Green garden or crushing blow? :grin: