Highest DPS


Hello, I just want to see your highest DPS on PvE. Higher than this. And give me some hints how to make this.:sweat_smile::grinning:


Nice nickname! Sakamoto!:heart_eyes:


Something’s not right


@Hajiro What’s wrong with the pic?:sweat_smile:


Nah. It’s totally fine hahaha :joy: I was just joking.


I just stole that pic…that was not mine obviosly…do you think that’s legit?
Look at the minimum and max dmg.hehez
Just wondering😂


Hahaha that’s what I mean, I think that’s not normal. I think that player is cheating. Those gears are edited and modified. But in some cases Arcanist build can almost reach that min and max damage. I copied his build which is very helpful to reach and hike higher floors in PvE @CuzegSpiked


Powahful!:heart_eyes: Can you please share it to me…:kissing: Were bros right?:joy:


Thats the highest I’ve gotten so far.



I got this before i did some tweak in my build. If that’s a really legit 5B then definitely i’m still a noob. :laughing:


After making a build for my highest DPS, i ended up having a 12B DPS in my twister.
Check highest DPS on PVE leaderboards, last time I’m 32nd in position.:grin:


My char name is IJ.Natsu_Dragneel. But only IJ is visible.:joy:


Wow. Just Wow. :scream: