Highest Floor for Poison/Green Garden Build

I just want to ask what is the highest floor you could get with a poison/green garden build? My highest floor so far is 7k+ using crushing blow/flames and frozen build but I don’t know what’s the highest floor attained by a player using poison build since enemies hp is so much that crushing blow is a must for high floors.

in the early days of DQ, Green Garden could have gone as high or higher than Crushing Flames because there was a bug that allowed every Toxic to have a chance to cause Toxic again & again & again and… well, you get it. if the bug was still in effect, I think everyone would be using Green Garden to climb floors.

there are a few posts showing how much damage it could do back in the day.

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Yeah I saw on this forum that green garden builds was so broken in the early days of DQ but it got nerf. I’m trying to learn and understand how poison works and how I can build it, for now I know some knowledge about poison but making it do zillions of damage is what I want to figure out. I want a poison build that could go on par with crushing blow/flames and frozen builds on high floors and as you couldn’t already tell poison is my favorite element on this game. It will take some time and try and errors to do what I want to achieve with poison but it’ll be worth it if I manage to do it.

Plagued Set (5) or better. +25% Poison DoT damage per Rank per enemy poisoned. Plagued (8) gives you +200% Poison DoT damage for each enemy poisoned.

Druidic Set. I forget the Poison DoT damage increase, but it needs a lot of HP/MP Regen to get it. if you Build around this, the space taken up will be worth it.

Blight Elemental Critical Damage increases the damage done by Toxic by +100%. you could put 6 of them on your Items for +600% Blight, which gives you +2800% Toxic DoT damage.

Wizard Sorcery Talent can give you +200% Poison DoT with Sorcery 40.

Wizard Fester Talent can give you 2 Poison DoT a second with Fester 40 for 4 seconds.

Warrior & Rogue have different ways of boosting their damage that would increase the damage of Poison DoT. Rogue Shadow Set can cause exploding Poison DoT when using Stealth.

the rest is getting a good damage foundation for the build. and moving around fast is a big help to having lots of enemies on the map poisoned to get the highest Poison damage boost from Plagued.