Highest floor

How can i try high floor ?

I’m at floor 200 mythic 3
And its say :"you have finished all normal dungeon floor .defeat map to progress further "

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You can buy at the shop or kill the cartographer to get the map then you will get 200 floor because that is the highest floor you’ve reach right now… In order to go further open that map then kill another cartographer that cartographer will drop map with 201 floor and do that all the time… But when you accidentally sell your map just buy another map and covert it to the highest floor that you reach


I just started going past 200 this weekend. I have a habit of going into the Merchant and buy a couple maps every 25 floors or so and put them into a shared or stash bank ( If you plan on playing , its worth the 5 bucks to unlock all the banks )

Otherwise you might find your self on floor 300 and have your app crash before you kill the Cartographer and BOOM … back to level 200 and you have to climb floors all over again.

By hording a couple maps and keeping them up to level, you will buy some insurance on losing it say on floor 750 or 1k… I couldn’t imagine the frustration of that… the game should unlock floors every 25 by default… but its part of the challenge.


If the game crash and you haven’t killed the cartographer yet and then you back at floor 200 just buy a map then covert it up to the hight floor that you’ve already reach you don’t need to buy map every 25 floor


I had the same problem when I got to floor 200 for the first time.

like @Berot said, just buy a Challenge Map in the Shop (it will be of the same Floor you are currently on), and then spend Gold to Convert it to a randomly higher Floor (it wont go past the highest floor you have reached). also, Campaign Maps up to 200 have a chance for a Cartographer to Spawn, and they always drop a Challenge Map for the next Floor, if you can defeat the Cartographer, that is!

like @Oaken said, you can buy a Map every few floors for insurance in case your battery dies or game crashes.

for myself, when Climbing Floors, I just save the Map from the Cartographer for the next Floor. if I goof up, I just buy a Map from the Shop and convert. when Farming, I buy a Map of the same Floor I am on as soon as I use the previous Map. that way I can always Farm the same Floor (I Farm 505 for Crystals & Myth Stones) and just sell the map for the next floor, as I don’t need it.

one thing is that the higher the floor you are on, the more expensive the maps get.


@Berot @Oaken @Golem thanks you .i did it thanks you so much


It’s okay dude I’m just new in this game i think i play this game almost 3 months and yet i still have lots of questions an that’s to the other player here helps me to improve so much


I’ve been playing for around 4 years and I am still learning things about DQ. I guess that it is because I keep having ideas for different Builds. and eventually I will be working on learning more about Rogues & Warriors, since most of what I know is about Elementalist Wizards.


Your so cool dude for 4 years you still keep learning while me I’m just keep asking lots of questions haha

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well, I asked questions too, and I have some more when I think of Builds I haven’t thought of before. but I try to do a Search :mag: in case I can find the answer in the Forum.