Highest PVE DMG build ever made w/ decent survivability

Hi. I play DQ for almost a month and understood some of the builds and how they work etc. I like high dmg characters than tanky ones so I already saw a few of high damage builds but as I complete one build after that I discover another build which is more op than the build that I copied from a guide lol. So I was just wondering whats the highest Pve dmg build (your opinion) and how far they go on floor numbers. Any of the three classes would do please answer my question pros hehe

Mine was 2114 M3. The damage numbers are goes to 10 to 13 digits or can we say 16 digits. Ascendant + Arcanist + Frozen Build.

Me Floor 2k deals Billions per hit (Crushing Flames and Crushing Blow)

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4400 M3.Clean as soon as you can imagine.
Damage>Monster HP
Crushing Flames alchemy build.

I have read some questions and great stuffs about that build but couldn’t really find the build guide as to how to get the items and affixes. I’m still new so sorry if I’m wrong in advance lol, is this the set where you stack an arcane buff to many monsters then your hireling does the slaughter? :sweat_smile:

Yeah this one too! I saw something posted by flasher13 but I doubt if I can farm it right now because you pros are still debating on how to improve that build, but if you have a better pls share :pray::sob::joy:

Hi thanks sir/maam (idk :sweat_smile:)can you help out a newbie and share your build to me plss. If there’s a build guide where can I find it

Nope. Just solo using Rogue. I use it before on Warrior but I got bored so I change it to Rogue. I love the way the sexy Rogue Jumps and Smoke then Blink then Smash Hit. Tahahaha…

I dunno why Arcanist stack doesnt shown on Character Stats Window anymore but still the DMG on enemy is there…

My Rogue just use Vault then Weaken triggers thats the start of stacking Arcane for my Rogue …

Floor 4400 M3 :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: when can I get there…

DQ 2.3 Elemental Shock Bleed Build.
Some of it was changed because I use Rogue already. Just search it and look at it there is a sample video.

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