Highest round?

Hey Everyone :smile:
I was wondering what your highest PvE floor is and what class/build you used to get there!
I used bow rogue and got here

I’m at 750 and didn’t go higher (all possible legends can drop there) becouse i don’t feel like there is a reason to :stuck_out_tongue: I’d like to focus on pvp more than floor grinding :smiley:

I got to rank 1 a few times but then i took a break from dq, now lohko isn’t as viable as it used to be

Nice bow o.o can you show rest off ur gear please :smiley:

Im 370 ep8 with an unfinished flintlockbuild

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Skyfall is worst especially in that so high floor :cry:

Nah perma stealth makes it so they can’t hit you anyways


Thats Heaven dude is that Reduced Cooldown and cast every cooldown finishes or it is Passive Stealth ?

@nightbladejay I was gonna clear floors up to 10000 a while back but stopped because it got boring and would have taken about a week of floor clearing

@anon85754663 60% reduced cooldown +40 ranks of stealth :smile:


I mean by passive is that you dont need to cast it ^^

Holy crap, mind sharing your build?

@anon85754663 nah it needs to be cast unfortunately but I’m not using any special resource systems so it isn’t much to worry about :smile:

@swens915 I won’t be for now it currently abuses a bug that allows for insane clear speeds I will show it off post patch though!

What Affix’s allow stealth to be casted faster/longer?

+5 stealth/+5 all skills will increase the heroic skill of stealth so you should have 4 of those and then 20 points in the heroic skill of stealth and then you will want 50% or more reduced cooldown :smile:

Thank you!

Glad to help out :grin: :+1:

That’s crazy I think my highest floor is 210 lol