Hireling and item find / mf

Hi. Im just wondering , is there any benefit to using hireling when farming?

I seen a formula in other posts that indicated char + hired / 2…

That would seem to just give you the same odds. Perhaps i read formula wrong, or maybe is other things im not aware of?

Hireling can increase the cap of item drops up to 300% i think…

Indeed. It gives 100% bonus item drops above cap so the 200% cap turns to 300% item drops. Although if you use Epiphany set affix on both characters , it would actually be 350% (250% new cap +100% bonus).

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Thanks cuzeg for clarifying! :grinning:

Correct. However for some reason , Gold find doesn’t follow this formula now for hirling builds with farming but luck and Item drops will still be affected.

Character + hired /2 applies even individually to each farm affix so 225%+225% luck/ 2= 225% Luck overall on both characters. It would be 112.5% Luck per character for the crystal affix.

Also the cap is divided between the two characters so the 650% cap /2= 325%. 325%+325% = 650% total for luck for item drops, 200%/2= 100%. 100%+100% = 200%. That means the cap for each character is halved but when added together, it goes to the same cap.

This also applies with Epiphany so 812.5% luck when hirling is actually 406.25% cap per character . When totaled together, it’s 812.5% cap. So this means per character, adding a crystal affix or 2, fortunate 20, some natures and epic affixes and difficulty bonus. Item drops, fortune and legend affixes. I do have guide on this.
For the 350% item drops, 150% item drops per character.

Fortunate applies after the calculations have been done and it doesn’t get halved . It also adds above cap.

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