Hireling build help

Hi guys and girls I was wounding if you could help me out a little bit with my rouge hireling she is the dam bringer to my due the problem I’m haveing is the mp is geting drained hard and fast :stuck_out_tongue: here are the items for rouge hireling :slight_smile:

Fury resource system is IMO the best resource system for flintlock rogue due to high attack speed.

Eternalized, Nadroji, and Crystalline also do not function on hireling.

Satyr’s Spirit may help you out.

That’s true that rouge was my main farmer but chage it to a nice farming set up wizard :wink:

Try put on hat


Fury best for flintlock you’ll get unlimited mana

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I’m going put it on to neck I think :slight_smile: I let you lot no how it gose

Maby not I try it on hat :stuck_out_tongue: