Hireling build help

Im makeing a build called the flame cloak build, its a hireling floor climbing build using skull sheild fire and crushing blow and crushing flames, i want to know what stats actualy afect the over all team stats and eficency. I want things to help with a crushing flames skull sheild build and things to get items and increase his health and damsge out pit if posible. Also on a side note how long do the efects of stealthed last or is there a better anti damage or dodge skill for hireling thats more reliable than simply smoke bomb for an off hand secondary skill.

Just to share my build. My Wizard Hireling is on a Full DPS Crushing Flames + Berserker + Masochist/Epiphany combo so my health is very little. My skill is Multi attack comet and meteor, and it clears mob very quick. Damage output is around 100B on floor 1500 and up.

Havn’t tried that skull shield build. And still building my rogue, so I can’t answer your question Sir.


if your hireling is doing the Crushing Flames, you might want your Main to have Demonic for sure, maybe an Execute or two, and if using Shock, Electrocution Set to take advantage of Crushing Flames getting enemies HP down to 25% fast.

you should do a Search for Permastealth. I think Stealth lasts 1 or 2 seconds, and longer when you put Skill points into it.

With this build you can make 100b damage? This is so awesome​:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

And how about your pet?

Rage Inferno

Im planing on useing rage inferno as well.

Why is electricution so good when paired with fire damage im curious.

Damages and dps are not the same thing.

The highest dps I have seen in this forum is around 20 billion with Arcanist set.

Damages to the mobs depend on the total hp of the mobs ( the floor level). When you can one shot kill the mobs with CF set. The total hp is your damages show on the screen even with only 1k dps.

Infinite hp means infinite damages.

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Electrocution can debuff the enemies when their below 25%. It’s mainly used in pvp.

Fire element is mainly for pve with CB and CF

How can arcanist set do that insane of damage or it is a bug?

Forget about dps in pve when you reach floor 3k in Act 3. Even with 20b dps, you can’t kill any mons without CB and CF.

Arcanist gives you 20% ED increased for every mob that you put weaken debuff on, but without killing them. So if you can run around the map and weaken 100 mobs, that gives you 2000% ED more. Again it’s just for fun, for the people like to reach the highest dps achievement.

The picture I have above there, is using CF on floor 10k Act 3 with only 200k dps

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Electrocution Set works like Demonic Set, but only with Shock, and damage is based on how many Shock Debuff is on the target. usually, Crushing Flames/Fire Weapon is used to get an enemies HP down to 25% quickly so that the Electrocution/Shock Weapon can do the boosted damage.

Arcanist Set requires Ascendant Set & Weaken affix, and at least one 20% ED on the Gears. the more ED% you have on your gears, the more damage you can get with Arcanist.

that 2000% ED @Sunzhang mentions is +2000% ED. you would multiply your ED% times whatever you are getting by Arcanist. so if you have Legend +200% ED, and you had +2000% ED by the time you got to the Cargotrapher, you would have …

(((BWD + Power x (IQ x WD%)) + WD+) x 4000% ED + ED+ =. as you can see, everything before ED% gets multiplied by 40 instead of 2. the Arcane Debuff lasts for 5 seconds, so you have to hope to kill the Cartographer fast, or find some enemies to put the Arcane Debuff on again and then try to kill the Cartographer.

As I mentioned, In pve, dps is getting less useful at the time you climbing, especially at high floors. At floor 5k+, dps will be totally useless.
Arcanist set is just for fun. To stack dps 20% more every time. Absolutely useless set.

that’s why Crushing Flames & Frozen Set combo is king for high floors.

I really want to speed up my Floor Climbing so I can see what it’s like at Floor 3k & higher. I’m still working my way up to 2100…

I don’t remember what feel like at 2k with only dps set since that’s long time ago for me.
Most likely it takes couple minutes to kill cartographers when you have the right element. With wrong element or enemies high hp recovering map affix, it may take forever.

CF + frozen combo only takes less than 30 seconds .

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hmm, right now, my Climbing Floor Wizard is Crushing Flames with Prismatic & Amplify Talents using Twister & Comet Skills, with Demonic for the finishing blows.

it’s still doing good, but as the floors get higher, it is getting longer to kill some of the Cartographers. I’ve been pondering a new build, but I haven’t gotten that desperate to build feeling yet. mostly just considering what to keep and what to change. 42 affix slots is really tough for me in the planning stages.

Good luck bro.
Floor 2k is more than enough for everything you need in the game. Further climbing is just for fun. Enjoy.