Hireling character crash after she die on a map

It is glad that I can download previous save from server with another tablet.

The followings are the screens for the crash of hireling character:

Hireling is killed by tnt on the first start of a map.

As hireling die and she cannot be ressurrected. A new game is started. The mh weapon Immortal FlintLock is crashed.

The detailed screen of mh Immortal FlintLock:

The level of my hireling changed from 99 to 5 and she has correct hero points and she has 5M dps:

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This is the same thing that happened to me basicely. I just emailed support about.

This happened to me yesterday as well.

My hireling enters the dungeon with no health/magic, and slides around the area instead of walking. Their MH is all ??? And everytime I try to equip another weapon that weapon disappears.

This should mostly happen on cartographer maps with the TnT Proc affix. When the dungeon has loaded (=loading screen) and you tap on it and your hireling dies straight away, because your hireling unfortunately spawned right on a destructible (box, vase etc.), destroyed it and TnT procd which causes this bug.

Only way to fix this is to download an older data from the server. You better don’t upload your data when this happened to you. And if you did, then the best thing to do is to contact support.