Hireling character question

Can anyone tell me why I can’t get all the drops item when I’m farming with my hired character??? Is it possible that my hired characters character bag is full?? Or there is another way to pick the items only by your main character, or the one you are controlling?? Helppp

it auto distributes the gear between you and hireling. there is no way i know of to stop hireling from collecting loot

It depends on what item is exlusive for example: Rogue is your Main and Warrior is your hireling, if u pickup any warrior items means it will be instantly go to Warrior’s bag and Rogue items is for your main.

OK I get it … Its not good to do hireling too long…if the hired bag is full all its class items can’t be looted… Its wasted…

hmm. im not sure i understand what you’re saying

hirelings are definitely a good thing to have though

For example: rogue is my main and warrior is my hireling, if I pickup any warrior’s items it will be instantly go to the warrior’s bag and rogue’s items for my main, but if the warrior’s bag is full, my rogue can’t pick up warrior’s items anymore… Right ?? So I should change hero to warrior then sell all items , so that I can pickup warrior’s items again .

you’ll know when bags are full… items will just stay on ground. sell the junk, and keep on looting

Yes, but even if I sell the junks at my bag, still I can’t pickup items for warrior . still its wasted. So I was discouraged at hireling

i dont follow… your items will be there until you pick them up.

if you click on your warriors icon at top of screen, you can access his bags and sell/move the items in his bag. just like when you click on your rogues icon at the top of the screen and sell/move items in her bag.
one character can pick up a total of 80 items before you have to empty it, if there are more than 80 items on the ground. if you are doing a main and hireling, you can pick up a total of 160 items. but if there are more than 160 items to pick up, then you need to start selling/moving items from one or both characters.

OK ill try if it works…

If full, sell items , then pickup. You can sell on both characters. It’s of course optional to do so as you don’t always need to do it.

Its OK now dude tnx… Now my last question is, if I hire my warrior is the experience deducted??? Or still the same ???

the experience will be divided bewtween the two. the monsters are static, so they dont ever get harder, wether one or two characters.

hirelings are really great when you want to optimize your farming, they give +100% item drop and can boost other stats for you too.

the trade off is half your exp, if the exp is relevant.

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OK sir tnx

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I used to notice this but now I have a pet that eats up all loot and spits out the next best tier unless it’s a legend/eternal. From what I remember my hireling looted everything even if it was rogue…I don’t ever remember loot not being able to be picked up, but you could be right it’s hard to remember…all I know is I’ve used a hireling forever now 100’s of 100’s of floors and I haven’t had any issues picking up loot…so who knows.

a hirelings bags can fill up just like the main characters, and gets emptied out just like the main character. either sell items or place them in the stash.
imps are the pets that convert what you don’t pick up into the next tier item, 5 of same tier item into 1 of the next tier item, with a small chance for a higher tier.