Hireling constantly attacking

Since update 1.8.1 my wizard hireling will not stop attacking. I’m not sure why and it wasn’t happening with my warrior hireling; but even in a boss room after the boss was killed he just stands there casting nothing visible and proccing twisters; or maybe casting twisters. I haven’t tried changing out equipment yet and he is using a glove and spell book. It doesn’t appear to be chain casting summons; but I can’t be certain of that.

I’ll do some more research and try to narrow down the parameters but figured I’d write up a preliminary report on it. I’ll add to the thread any findings.

Hirelings have been getting crazier lately. I think theres plans to give them some attention in the future and make them more competent.

So further investigation shows that it is off hand attacks; primary function of off hand weapon and is only present while using the spellbook or the mana shield bracer. Why the teleport stone and the skull aren’t triggering I don’t know. I checked with items I had prior to the update and with ones gained after the update both as drops and from the merchant. I have a feeling it’s due to the algorithm that tells the wizard to use self buffs not accepting that the buff has been applied so the wizard doesn’t know it has max summons/ an active mana shield.

I have not tested with the other classes but as they don’t have any sort of non-combat self buffs that I can think of off the top of my head they should not be affected.

Rubik: I would very much welcome a more intelligent hireling or at least one that doesn’t get hit by every single meteor on the maps with that affix.