Hireling / farming / DPs / All settings Need help

Guys im currently having a wizard as my main with legend ascension and warrior hireling with magic ascension. If i were using my wizard as a DPs and my warrior as my farmer which of them will take the main character position and, what will my hireling ascension and my main ascension?
What Al settings will I make with my hireling?
Pls help me elaborate and build this, so badly needed . Which perk does needed for the farmer one? And what perk for the DPs one? I’m completely confused :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::persevere::tired_face::astonished::confused::pensive::confounded::unamused::sleepy::sweat::sleeping:

Use your Warrior as main (FARMING) because farming sets works only on main then switch the Wizard as your hireling (MERC). Get all the ascensions for your farmer. Your hireling only needs DEALER PERK.

So bad :confounded: my wizard is legend ascension yet he is my DPs right now and my warrior hireling need to be build up, do I need to switch :expressionless:

What if my wizard will take as main ? And warrior as hireling ? Hence my warrior has dealer perk already . And my wizard had dealer fortunate treasured and accomplished . ? It I’ll be right? Wizard=farmer And Warrior=DPs?:unamused:

Does ascension contribute damage? Coz my warrior more die than my wizard but, my warrior has more hp and atk.

that would be a nice idea since your Wiz has gone far already. Just convert your farming sets to Wizard gears so you could go on.

Only dealer perk works for hireling.

:innocent: thanks! But does higher ascension gives more damage?

Ascension has no affect on anything but farming :smile:

I see. So even without ascension vs. eternal ascension in PvP are same?