Hireling meteor build setup

Hi , just want to show my current setup for my wizard hireling for farming, any suggestions to improve my meteor build, i saw sometimes a billion damage with my build. Suggestions please from pro. :grin::grin::grin:

Any suggestions pals…

i have to say there are so many slots wasted in your build.
Dots are just not that efficient in pve I believe.

But it really depends on what your arm is. Climbing or farming ? Farming dust, stones or pets?

Farm dusts and stones on M3 floor 21.
Farm pets on M3 floor 401.
You will get bored with any build after long hour work. In this case, you need some deferent builds and classes on both main and hirling to get away from boringness.
Your build is good enough to handle M3 401 if you feel it is interested. Don’t do any changes.

If you are talking about climbing , unfortunately your current build won’t bring you to floor 2000 or above. At least not that fast.
All you need to do for climbing is

  1. taunt on main with ice element on OH and 30% element critical.
  2. CF 6 and CB 30%+, Forzen 5 on hirling
  3. Fire element MH on hirling .
  4. Set hirling use MH primary skill only.
  5. Start the game, run forward to the green dot on your map and keep taunting.
  6. all the spare slots on both your characters can be used for efficiency, such as moving speed,pick radius, gold found, luck, item drop etc. It can take you to infinity floor, maybe 50k or 100k .
    I’m currently on 12k and tired of it.

gl and hf

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Btw for farming:
You need eternalized, crystalline and nadroji on the main. Epiphany on both characters with lots of luck and item drop rate.1012% and 350%.
6 perks on main of course.

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Thanks for your inputs, as of now im on floor 980. Im focusing of farming gold and crystals to create much better item. Legend item salvage to crystals also. My main is using nadroji, eternalized, crystaline and epiphany, with 2x225 luck and 2x225 gold find crytals affix.

As I said, I don’t think meteor is a good option for fast farming. But it’s maybe a good choice for fun. We can’t keep farming with only one build for long, even it might be the best build.

Since there is no deference between farming floor 401 and 100k. Dps sometimes doesn’t mean anything. Fast moving speed, bigger range of picking, etc will be more important.

Try discordance if you really like using meteor. It will reduce your meteor CD to 0.5s.

Nadroji Set doesn’t work on Hireling. replace it with Rage Set maybe? with Rage, you only need one Crystal Crit Damage +225% to get within a few % points of max Crit Damage cap with Epiphany boost. this means that you’ll have to make a different Item for the other Crystal Crit Dmg to get a different Crystal affix.

change Wizardry to Amplify. this will give you +40% damage for each Elemental DoT on your enemies. you already have enough Elemental Critical on the rest of your Build.

change your +5k Ice & Fire on your weapons to +20% Fire & Ice instead. with your Power & Empower Talents as high as they are, you’ll do more damage than with the flat ED.

change Immolate on Pet to Deadly Strike. you’ll still have over 100% Elem. Crit. without this and Wizardry. you have more than enough with the Legend EC’s.

if you only want to farm for Gold & Crystals, just farm around floor 500-510. if I remember my tests, you need Luck & Item Drop on both characters, and Gold Find on Main only.

@Sunzhang Aftermath Set already resets Meteor & Shatter CD’s to 0.5 seconds when the other is cast.

@freaky45 welcome back! I kind of want to try an Aftermath Hireling Wizard Climbing Build myself.

Aftermath doesn’t bring meteor to CD 0.5.
You need trigger shatter to reset meteor’ CD, which is very hard to achieve. Especially with hireling, as we all know AI is stupid sometimes.
Discordance will make your meteor 0.5CD all the time. You will see big deference.

You won’t climb up to floor 3k even you have 1 billion dps without CF and Frozen.
So keep farming at lower floor with your current build, don’t waste crystal on it. And craft a Frozen build after for climbing

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A big help from both of you, i will follow your suggestions, and will keep on farming to create a much better item, the key to achieve a better item is ruby, amethyst and obsidian, as it is very hard to find…

my changes will help a little, until you think of something better. learning what affixes work best with which affixes can take some time to learn. I’m still finding some interesting combos. finding the space for the right amount of damage, defense, and anything else can be hard sometimes.

getting lots of the Ultra Rare Mythi Stones & Crystals can be hard. just finding them is hard, and having enough gold to upgrade common and rare CS & MS to rare and ultra rare CS & MS can make your gold disappear fast.

Correct, thats why im focusing in gold farming, as it is disappear fast when we upgrade. Non stop farming and happy gaming to us… :grin::grin::grin: My main is wizard also using storm blight. For now its good, i dont think so if im on floor 1k+. Im using AOE for fast killing mobs and chest around the map.

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