Hireling questions

So I know with the hireling you get a boost from their gear stacking gold find and luck, but does it work for things like item drop and exp buffs?


item drops and exp gain from hireling do not affect your main char. and just to be clear, gold find and luck from hireling do not ‘stack’ with your main char’s. instead, your main char and hireling’s gold find and luck are averaged. So if your main has 650 luck and 200 gold find but your hireling only has 150 luck and 50 gold find, then your overall luck is (650+150)/2=400 and gold find (200+50)/2=125.

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Yeah I thought that was the case. Cheers :smiley:

ok. i was just making sure so you won’t be confused :slight_smile:

Things that affect hirlings: item drops, gf (gold find) and luck.

Formula for gf and luck (hero+hirling gf/luck)/2 + (map bonuses from legend map).

Maximum gold/luck find : (650+650)/2 = 650% gf/luck find averaged out when you get 650% gf/luck on both characters.
This is 1300/2= 650% across both characters.

How item drops affects this: (hero+hirling item drops)/2 +100% additional hidden item drops +(legend map bonus)

Counting: (200%+200%)/2 + 100% = 300% maximum item drops +( legend map bonus).

That is 400/2 = 200% item drops maxed between both characters but it adds with the hidden bonus 100% item drops and maximum item drops you can get is 300% if you do this formula.

That is how farm affixes work between hirling/main character.

There is a bug though where no matter how much luck affix u add, it still says 775% and also if you add 1 crystal gold find affix with nature and fortune with mythic 3 bonus, the gold find is maxed but it shouldn’t be like that when using hirlings because of averaging formula when instead, it only counts a little bit to the formula until you add on both characters.

Also the fortune bringer build I am using is meant to put every farming affixes stacked into one build so I can have maxed farm affixes while using a pure dps hirling along with it.

It means one build has the maximum gf/luck find as well as item drops averaged between the. characters. Basically the warrior fortune bringer has 1300% of both gf/luck on gear that divides into 650% gf/luck which is supposed to be averaged out between both character but on one gear. For item drops it would be the same but 400% on gear/2 = 200%+ 100%= 300% averaged between both characters but on one character.

It used to work like this before 2.1 came out but for some reason doesn’t anymore. The point of the fortune bringer build is so you can farm on unlimited floors with a pure dps hirling to help. The dps hirling isn’t interfered with farming affixes so therefore he deals full potential dps while still having maxed out farm affixes.

At least thats what it supposed to be.

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That’s fantastic! Thank you so much for the very comprehensive answer. It also confirms what I was going to ask about the viability of just running huge amounts of gold find/luck on one toon.

It is worth building the fortune bringer even if in doesn’t work as used to because you can farm as long as hirling deals huge dmg on any floor. You can even build similar builds that are like fortune bringer minus the extreme hp to favour speed but the current build is pretty good. It works on all difficulties which is good.

Oh and the fortune bringer having all the farming affixes bunched up in one character even works if you make the warrior the hirling and the dps character as main character for sake of speed purposes or other purposes. It feels good to be rewarded when using a dps build while getting the benefits of farming affixes.