Hireling targetting

I have a bow rogue with a frost explosion build and a wizard with orb/arc/poison build.
I use both as hireling for my warrior main, but
I’ve noticed everytime I test the rogue - that it targets the ghosts that gets left behind when you kill mobs on pack size maps. The ‘ghost’ - images og mobs, just running around after you. Anyone found of a way to deal with this?

on maps with increased pack size the reason those zombies/ghosts are being left behind is most likley related to killing dense packs of mobs at once.

Try not to bunch up lots of enemies at this will create FPS loss when you hit them all at once with various skills.

That is the best advice at the moment to avoid producing the ghosts.

We have tried several things on our end to deal with these left over enemies but the issue lies in how different devices deal with low/dipping FPS.

Makes sense.
I group them up with taunt and it lags a LOT. If I really pull a lot:)