So, i bought a char slot and use it as hireling. How do stuff work? Quite bamboozled right now…

Just try it out, better sweeper maybe :smile:

Figured out a few things, equipments that belong to rogue automatically goes into my rogues inve. even though wiz picked it up. i just need to try out @f00kee’s miss fortune build lol

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Yeah, just make sure you search the forum as well as there’s tons of ways this build could be improved in the latest patch.

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Will do :blush:

Your hireling is basically a CPU controlling your character. It retains the level and gear that you PR on it and can gain xp. You can play around a little with the AI settings. It’s not perfect but it’s workable. Read the forums to see how other people are using their hireling skills when climbing floors or farming.

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Oh my god, i just seen a 60500 billion damage from your build. Wtf

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I did way more DMG but yeah that’s a lot of DMG but crushing blow in higher floors matters more now since enemies will gain HP per floor until you reach the limit of floors such as a 2.147 billionth floor (32 bit limit).

You can do this by Frozen DMG , poison and many other methods.

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that’s very common by today’s standard. You can definitely do that too!

I love ur profile pic @Alhfan lmao!!! I’ve watched HIMYM till season 9 hahahahah awesome!

I regret not having this pp hahahah lmao! :joy:

One thing to do billions of damaged is having crushing flames plus 60% crushing blow.

I dunno why but I really didn’t enjoy the crushing flames\frozen build.

Thank you! :blush:

Just saw it on giphy related gifs while staring at my uploaded aly hannigan gif :joy::joy:

I am currently at floor 1030 and not seeing enemy hp as a problem.

Let’s see if the miss fortune hireling of mine would crush enemies as I climb up!! :grinning:


And if not, I’ll give CF a shot! :parrotbeer:


Wow cool!