Hitting a wall 230M3

I used the duct tape build from about 150-200 - the choker, but the damage near 200 was starting to not be enough especially on M3. I then started playing with aftermath build. The aftermath build did 2-3x more damage however the survivability is extremely low for me. Constantly dying at 215M3+.

ATM as far as i know i’m not using a build i’ve sen on the forums and I’ve gotten to 230M3 and I can progress very slowly. Thorns tears me up on any of the builds i’ve used. Right now my survival is moderate I usually finish floors that do not have a thorns Cartographer with only 1-2 deaths. It does however take a long time to kill the Cartographer 2-3 minutes sometimes.

My orb is 550k skullshield is 1.3mil.

I use
Zeus - 47k dps (3) reactor + 50% DMG 88% weapon damage +10 orb +10 sorc

Craniucopia 36k DPS (3) satyr spirit 8 fortune 4 pickup 23 weaken 4.5k weapon damage 18% poison

Wildhide (3) druidic Ignore resist 75% blight 23% Torrent proc 500 MP/HP regen

Anguish (3) Vampiric touch 22% sprint proc 10% bleed chance 40% bleed dmg +20% HP 30% weaken

Chaos (3) Plauged 19% storm proc 75% blight 14% toxic 19% posin dmg

Nadroji’s Crystal (3) Nadroji 2% hp on hit + 10 skullshield +2sets +3 talents +3 skills

hero points totals
32 skullshield 33 orb 2 str 10 int 16 fortune

I traded out my discord for wildhide as not having ORB on super fast cooldown didn’t seem to matter for my DPS.

I have ascended with once and am back up to 94. I have about 50 mil gold I do not have many high lvl crystals 1 jasper 3 amber 4 topaz 1 obsidian. 1 fortune 3 quest 4 flight 1 rebirth 1 abyss as far as red mythstones go (0 purple).

I’ve been reading the forums for a few months now I’ve read most of the guides while waiting for my tablet battery to charge.

The best thing to do is farm floor 201 over and over until you get enough dust and crystals to build a floor 500m3 farming build. Use that to farm create one of the floor 1k+ builds posted since 3.0 to climb further. This game gets real easy once you can farm crystals efficiently

This post has some great hints

Here is a pretty decent farming build

There are at least 10 builds that have been posted on the forums since patch 3.0 which can climb past floor 3000 on mythic 3 difficulty. Copy their builds or borrow concepts that you like to make your own. Just make sure you have crushing flames and at least 30% crushing blow.

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Try plagued + explosive

Added explosive, it works very well thank you.

Sounds like a few hundred rounds of 201 and a few more ascensions then thanks!

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Using Reflect build and have no problem at 327 M3, mobs below Epic will go away with 2-3 reflects.
For the big ones, I use storm and they disappear pretty fast too :smile:
Super-lazy-farm build I guest :blush:

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I use nadroji,mythical,eternalized,demonic,plague,defiant,and momentum pet with flintlock weapon MH skill twister easy climb from 270 to 400 M3 now :slight_smile: