Hitting Caps

If the colour of the stat on offensive stats page changes to orange, does this mean that stat is now capped and no longer worth increasing on my gear?

Also as a wizard, do I even need to pay attention to the (DPS) at the top of the weapon? I’m not 100% sure this counts as I’m not physically hitting the NPC’s blade to bone :speak_no_evil:

Ty disco

Yes orange means the skill is as high as you can get it :slight_smile:

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Use this thread for any of your questions:

not really. orange is just a warning. i think i got 300% on high voltage and already orange. i pushed it higher 438% and it works.

dont pay attention to the dps. that doesnt count alot of factors. even the dps on stat page is not that accurate. the dmg per hit is pretty correct for me esp if u dont have temporary dmg buffs or temporary enemy debuffs. Best is to notice in real fights.

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