Hola acá hay latinos jugando

Hola hay latinos acá

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welcome to forums @RaulRoselis99 come to the top in the arena i want to face you.


Why bro ? Have one problem

Hello bro, are you the owner Raul account? I meet your AI with spellsword necrotic wizz in div 3

Why bro hello yes have years playing

I think you must put in elemental crit/frozen to your build even you using ice element
From Athereal drain is not enough
So many tank battle mage who have Stun/frozen ressist +All ressist elemental

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Thx help me you have photo of referenci

@RaulRoselis99 you can improve your own build bro,you are a great player

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Thanks I am a normal player friend but I have been playing for several years but there are still small things that I do not understand because I do not handle the English language very well and since you touched the subject I would like to know how I can fight against those tanks that are very difficult to overcom :slightly_smiling_face: