Holiday Skin?

I claimed mine in my messages but it’s nowhere to be found, has anyone else had this problem?

This year’s holiday skin and is the same as last year

yeah nothing change hahahah

go to vanity then armor skin or shoulder, if you already have it nothing will happen

Oh so that’s why nothing happen. Oh well, it doesn’t matter too much. It’s nice getting it anyways if you are one of those who had the bug of disappearing Santa vanities. I’m glad that bug was fixed.

Can i recover it…my free shoulder holiday skin was gone…i claim but it says message not exists…how can i get it again…:cry:

I think I talked with you via email. Follow the instructions I sent ya and I will get you fixed up. if I didn’t, then email and give me some account information for your DQ Account

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Nothing and gold even one of gift I don’t have

because you did not log in on december