Honest player vanity

I believe it is set up the same way, Normal to Eternal League, except it is where the cheaters are sent, and anyone who is waiting for a Dev to figure out if they are or not. I think. that’s how I know some players don’t like it over there, from the posts about it.

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when they don’t know they’re in cheater arena, yes

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Nifty, I have a hard enough time in arena as it is though lol, I wouldn’t want to face more people with crazy HP and damage

well, there are legit players with high HP and Damage. just look at the Olympian Build post that is keeping players awake at nights. 1.23 million damage in the Arena, and I fought someone with 110k HP. it took some time, but I won that one. of course, I have lost to people with less HP than I have.


Yea I’ve seensome crazy HP and powers

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Dude, git gud!!!

ive fought players with 490k HP and 800-1000 power. and its not hacked.

@lionex I was checking out the arena and you dropped by to say hello.


Hello :slight_smile: i fought your character once. and i hate those campers that blocks my way to the top hehe


We need a legit player vanity thats for sure. I am totally agreeing and supporting this

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The cheaters would give themselves the “legit vanity” and say Look… I am legit… I have the legit vanity :eyes:

I do like the vanity concept but I would like it more if they were just Auto-Banished. The legit players are doing a good job of helping purge the cheaters at the moment.


So the vanity is on or its just talk. (1000% legit player angry with the hacker and cheater)

Hahaha ryt. Cheater got banned many times and keep respawning in diff ign . and now they doing it perfeçtly to avoid banning again .so hardvto figure out who is legit and not

to be honest, Arena Season Four is the first season that I have been climbing the ranks seriously, and I hope I can get the Angelic Aura, but I might have to wait for next season and grind harder. but on the subject of Honest Player Vanities, the whole time I have fought in the Arena, I haven’t even looked at another players gear to see if there are unauthorized modifications to their items. I have looked to see what made a good fight look good, to get some ideas, but that’s it. the Build I am using in the Arena is a PVE Farm Build that needs to get retired for a better Farm build. 4 affixes are, 2 Gold Find and 2 Luck, and the rest is defense and killing monsters. even though a lot of the affixes don’t really work in the Arena, I have gotten up to Eternal League, Division 7, around rank 70=80, with my best MMR of 1375. I think. I am sure I have gotten beaten by cheaters, and I have beaten cheaters too. but I don’t notice them for the simple reason I am having fun, and eventually I will have a build that will pulverize them to smithereens on my way to Eternal League, Division 1, Rank 1. eventually I want to earn the right to wear the Eternal Back Vanity in the Arena, which I consider the Ultimate Honest Player Vanity.


Yes an auto-ban mechanism would be amazing!

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Or even a way to report from in game, in arena.

That is the right path.

umm, is the requirement for the Eternal back making it to the top 3? or just making it into Eternal Division 1 or into Eternal League?

Make it to Top 3 Overall IIRC --> list by class below (All prior season vanities)

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I’ve been on div 1 since season 3 and never got it. lol