Honest player vanity


Hello again fellow heroes and devs,

So having in mind that we are playing an offline editable android game which seems hard to mantain clean from those dirty eddited criminals,
I would like to suggest a way to prove that certain player is legit, lets say a vanity sign.

Of course we need to make it so is unedittable for hackers which i dont know if it is possible.
Maybe we can earn this vanity by reporting certain number of hackers we find in arena on the forums so there is an incentive there appart from trying to clean the ladder from those annoying eddited crystal eternals. Which also translates in a better and organizated honest player community base
working together against crime (yes, we should become superheroes with this vanity, maybe a superhero sign or a superman costume ill leave all this to the real brains over there).

Or if you think a bit outside the box you can try to make it so the non honest players will have a funny & silly costume bind on account so every character they make will be flagged as a silly hacker so we can laugh at them while fighting our **s off in arena for the joy of trying.

Best regards,
thanks for reading.


We need more vanities and smart brains like this :ok_hand:t2:


I know this might sound like a silly response, but I think the best Arena Vanity is to be in the Legit Arena. I don’t know about how cheating players feel about being in the OTHER Arena, but when you read the posts of players who have been in both, they are a lot happier seeing their names in the Rankings with other Legit Players than in the Rankings with the names of Players in the OTHER Arena.


I like winning and dieing legit.


:laughing: x a lot. you are so LEGIT! :wink:


What you mean with other arena?.


Im currently in here

Dont know which arena you are talking about but all i know is that i play legit since the beginning (dont even want to know how to cheat) and had to face scum like this all the time :


Well, all these are legit items. I think all these players should be proud because they’re so OP that newbies like you think they’re unlegit.


Pretty sure they arent supposed to have crystal affixes


Try yourself. Upload your data to cloud, then find an item with affixes that have crystal versions, buy many of them. See the magic happening.


eternal items can have a blue station, rare but it does happen and makes it all the more worth it. And what do you mean the other arena? @Golem?


There is an arena where cheaters are sent.


@Dandoclase you need to choose your words wisely before calling someone “scum” in the forum. Based on your posts, you do not understand the game. I will attempt to help you understand below.

The first image you posted is an edited item by GINZO. The Stolen Galea gear does not have Armor affix.

Eternal Divination with Cyan\Obsidian All Resist affix is possible. The epic affix “All Resist” can become obsidian affix. All eternal gears with affixes in the obsidian affix pool (below) has a chance to become cyan\crystal affix.

The last one you posted is also possible. The Stolen Galea gear has epic HP% Which can become obsidian affix. You cannot see in the legendex image there is an HP% epic affix…

If a gear has an epic or legend affix that is in the obsidian affix pool (below), there is a probability that gear can drop with the obsidian affix. I provided examples of this yesterday to other players.


As you do ascension(shop at level99) select “treasured perk” then you will have a higher chance to get an eternal with crystal affix.


Thanks for your time @Mr_Scooty i certanly didnt know about anything you posted till now.
Now that i have that in mind i take my words back.
But since there are still plenty of hackers still there ( like the first example which had an edited item) guess some guys here are also proven wrong so the suggestion is still there.
Thanks again, best regards and no offense was intended what so ever.


@Dandoclase you are fine with me - no issues. I will always do my best to help out. :+1::+1: I understand your frustration because the cheaters seem to be crawling the walls and you do not like to ever lose to someone you know is cheating.


the original Arena is for everyone. but when some players started cheating, the Dev’s made a separate Arena for all the cheaters. unfortunately, cheaters keep showing up in the original Arena. players who find items on players in the Arena that have been modified in a way that is not possible, post an image in the cheaters thread. the Dev’s will examine the item shown and make a decision on if it is a cheat or not. if it is a modified item from cheating, then that player is sent over to the Cheaters Arena, where they can PVP other cheaters.
Eternal Items can have Crystal Affixes, but it is random, just like if you find a Legend item with a Crystal Affix from loot. Eternal Pets cannot have Crystal or Legend affixes. except the Merlin Pet, which has some Legend affixes. as Mr. Scooty said, there is a small list of what affixes can become Crystal affixes.
@Mr_Scooty could you edit cannot to can, please?


It is meant to say “You cannot see in the legendex image there is an HP% epic affix…” This is because the legendex image does not explicitly show HP%. It only lists HP & Total HP. Was that your request?


ahh, when you say it like that, it makes more sense, and yes, that was my request, but your explanation actually answered my question very well. also, I looked closer, and you are also right that the % symbol isn’t in the description of the Legend item. I have noticed that in the Codex, some of the affixes are like that, and so can be confusing. I ended up just looking to see what the actual item says when it is in my inventory. I’ll leave my question on my post, as your answer makes a good point that many of us need to be aware of.


lol that’s nifty… An arena of cheaters… I wonderif they still care about rank