Hoping for Multiplayer mode (Hotspot type)

To the admin of Dungeon Quest…
Can you make a multiplayer mode that just connecting to the hotspot of the host? My friends wants to battle but the problem is… they cant found each other in matchmaking… Thanks for cool game… We love it…heart emoticon

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Unfortunately this probably won’t happen because of the way dungeon quest was built and the shear amount of time it will take to implement because of it but we all agree with you! and it is definitely something the devs are keeping in mind while they work on making DQ2 because of it :green_heart: :smile: :wink:


@Griffin Does it mean we cant use our current chars in the upcomming DQ2?

Yes characters will not transfer between the games DQ2 will be it’s own game with separate progression from Dungeon Quest as far as I know :smile:

Are the Mods going to abandone DQ1 when DQ2 comes…kinda feel sad already.

Nope DQ1 will remain a permanent fixture and will even continue to get updates! :smile:


2 dq in a phone aint bad