How about an auction house?

It would be great if players could swap items. It could be done offline too. Someone puts an item out for trade and would be customers could offer an item in exchange which the trader could either except or reject when he or she next logs in.

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cheater will abuse this for sure

Every EDIT: thing can get on LegendX dude… Crystals and Mythstones are not a problem. You can farm hard for it.

Legend and Eternal Pets are the only problems.

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Adoption house lmao. Eternal pet trade for a build etc. :joy:

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No i think its good, When trading progress is now open I suggest it would need an Email Confirmation to avoid scam or hacking trade.

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I think its a pretty good idea too but maybe it would be an online trading for the game devs to check whether the items traded are legit.

Yeah need to be online for trading process. And plus Email Verification will be pretty useful for avoiding scamming and hacking items. And also if this auction thingy will be released soon, I suggest you add more items for DQ community for more fun trading stuffs and fun and also don’t forget to add another new Class pet like Dragon

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Yes. The long awaited dream of pet: the dragon. XD. Next thing you know, the dragon could be called names from Dragonball like Goku , Vegeta , Frieza , Piccolo and Gohan lol.

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Oh no, just farm hard, bro.


Yeah. Screw trades and auction houses. I mean as much as I’d probably want it, maybe not. The game is already easy af in farming anyways.

It used to be much harder but now it’s really easy. All you have to do is farm legends for dust and convert eternals into crystals and bam! Also farming floors to collect eternals and crystals from floor 200 and 500+. Legend maps too. Not just that but you can easily get a legend you want without having to farm hours for that one legend by dust crafts.

It’s not easy for a newer player obviously but it’s still much easier than it used to be.

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Yoi serious dude!!! Will there be really a dragon pet??? If so i gonna farm all day long without sleeping just to get that hahahah… Also i hope that the pet also uses skill to damage enemies lmao xD

Dragon pet will come in DQ really soon

Is that next update??

I don’t know, Let’s all just wait

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Im really anxious now huhuh why you guys have to tell me there will be a dragon pet!!! XD

The let everyone dreams of lmao. I dreamt of it because clash of clans when I used to play that game but also because it would be sick if he could attack or something. Although now I think he could have some pet skill that could benefit.

I thought slime resist pet skill worked for PvP to take advantage of but apparently not.

I know right?!!?? Omg can’t wait