How about Trading?

Guys how about adding a trading feature for the next update… so that those who are super lucky to have multiple rare legends of the same item can be traded to others who dont have that item…

Enter “trading” in the search box & see what comes up. :wink:

ohh im sorry im just new to this forum… didnt see it … thats why i suggested it…

it wont happen :smiley:

Funny thing is, we have that in common :+1:t2: When I was new to forum I posted same suggestion too :smiley: It might be a possibility in DQII.

why??? cause it will cause negative effect to the games primary focus w/c is grinding for those items???

yes it will also use on cheating :smiley:

There are a couple of issues with trading the main ones however being engine constraints but the dev team has said they would absolutely love to have these types of features the problem is they would need to rebuild the game from the ground up which is why a sequel to DQ is currently in development that will be able to have multiplayer features :smile:


a sequel to DQ is currently in development

I am actually quite surprised. This is so exciting. Aaaand why is it that nobody seems to be surprised about this. MY MONEY IS PREPARED.

EDIT: Is there a topic/thread about this?

Haha ikr can’t wait for the game no thread for now though since it is still very much unfinished as far as I am aware :smile:

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Wonder if Devs would consider a kickstarter or similar fund project with various perks per donation amount. Like t-shirts, buttons & other similar merch. Maybe in-game skins that are only available if you donated. Maybe beta test opportunity.

I’d be down with some sort of donation program to get DQII off the ground.

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That sounds pretty cool :smiley:

Awesome! It is good to know some of our players would like to see that! We like to stay as independent as possible but we have thought about a few things like this already.

We will have some more details coming in January for sure!

Thanks so much for your support thus far and we appreciate knowing that Kickstater might be a great way to involve even more of our players!!


if there will be a DQ II… is it possible to transfer our games/data to that sequel?? or we will start from scratch…

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Great question. Something to think about on our end for sure.

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In my opinion, all should start over. Because you need to experience a game from the start. It would be bad that on a new game you have someone so strong without even experiencing the first parts of he game. If someone would like to play their DQ 1 toons then they should be played in DQ 1. That’s just my opinion.

Awww but what if I wanted to bring 400 obsidian over from DQ and just invalidate the entire experience of a new game :stuck_out_tongue:

I would just like my toon level + ascension perks to xfer, not the gear gold stones or crystals. Hoping the DQII gear is entirely unique from DQI :smile:

Should we separate this part of the thread?

Maybe it’s just the ARPG gamer in me. If “being online” will be a big part of the game, then everyone should start on equal footing. But yeah many wouldn’t like to grind all over again (But I would tho ahehe). I still stick with the idea of “if you want to play your DQ 1 toon then you should play it on DQ 1”.

Oh no I was joking I agree with you nothing should cross over :smile: new game is new and the experience of it will be fundamentally different from DQ and something everyone should experience from the start if they wanna do as well as possible also the whole problem of DQ being easy to cheat in is ever present

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