How about unlock nadroji crystal

Hi guys :grinning

just like a title how about unlock Legend nadroji crystal?

I wanna gear 2 pieces of nadroji (Necklace & Robe) and I have ring and robe.

I usually use Crystal Rozenzi(ignore resist) or Crystal Faun ring(Crystal luck) so i dont wanna

give up these two rings right now.

Plus, I refer a this guide

how about that guide?

and how does he/she got that high stats of health? should i activate all perks?
(i only activate 2 perks now)

Thank u i’ll wait for answers :wink:

Hes actually got fauns gifts and plagued equipped. So hes hp is high. Fauns gift increases your hp at the % of you luck. And plague increases hp 25% per rank.

You dont need perk to have high hp.